Jasper Lee

Korea’s ambition for launching Layer 1 blockchains will accelerate in 2023

The Layer 1 take-off will force established platforms to re-architect their infrastructure to accommodate new players. Where South Korea has begun to realize this potential for a strengthened user-owned economy, we’re certain that the Layer 1 take-off won’t stay a regional phenomenon for long.

Ethereum security likely to remain under-challenged post-Merge?

There are reasons to believe the new changes brought by merge will make Ethereum temporarily less secure, but there are always two sides to the crypto coin. Where contributors are incentivized to put more on the line, a commitment to growth, increased scalability, and accountability on the blockchain will follow.

Draw-to-earn rising in popularity, but smart contract loopholes remain

Increasingly adopted in the NFT sphere, developers can revert to smart contracts behind the system currently in play, using it as a basis for fixes to vulnerabilities.