Dean Carroll

The ‘bulletproof resilience’ needed to raise startup funding

If you’re not well equipped to deal with emotional rollercoasters, then raising money for a startup might not be for you, writes C-suite Co-Founder and CEO Dean Carroll.

The trouble with Google and Facebook: Is absolute power corrupting absolutely?

The Goo-book duopoly dominates our lives now that the internet has become a public utility run by private sector companies, but politicians have yet to find a way to regulate ‘big tech’ effectively.


Clubhouse: Hype-fuelled gimmick or the future of events and podcasting?

The new audio app has quickly become the most exciting thing to hit the social media sphere in years, but can it maintain the momentum, asks the C-suite CEO & co-founder Dean Carroll?

What do Founders want for Christmas?

What do founders want for Christmas? The perfect, but ever-elusive, start-up pitch

There are supposed hard and fast rules to pitching your start-up but if the fundamentals of product fit, market size and expert team aren’t there you’re unlikely to get a second call back – let alone a signed term sheet – writes the C-suite CEO and co-founder Dean Carroll.