Chia Jeng Yang

The talent arbitrage basis for tech valuations

VC investments (and their associated valuations) can be seen to be a broad index on talent--not necessarily an endorsement of specific business models. Spotting founders who understand the power of leveraging capital and talent arbitrage will create outsized returns in traditional and emerging markets.

Getting help for your mental health is okay

For me, it is partially catharsis, but it is more about trying to feed the narrative that we can and should talk about mental health, and because I believe normalizing getting help can genuinely be the biggest needle mover for social progress.

Opening the 2021 Cohort of Saison Capital VC Scout Program – April 2021

We are especially looking for unusual profiles and messy CVs — profiles that HR finds hard to place. Our Scouts include YC founders, ex-partners of VC funds, country managers of SEA tech unicorns, etc.