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China-based sport-utility vehicle (SUV) maker JETOUR is planning to launch in Malaysia and Indonesia as soon as this month, its executive said.

“We will start with gasoline car, followed by hybrid, “ Dai Lihong, Executive Vice President of JETOUR Auto, told TNGlobal in an interview on the sidelines of the Beijing Automotive Show 2024. “We have already set up entities in these markets. We will launch in May.”

“Southeast Asia is our key market. We are eyeing Indonesia and Malaysia. The position of our brand and our cars suit the geographical features of Southeast Asia,” he noted.

“For Malaysia, there are some similarities in our cultures due to the Chinese community there. At the most recent Belt and Road Summit, we met a lot of Chinese businessmen from Malaysia. They expressed interest in our cars, both gasoline and hybrid cars. We think our models are suitable for road conditions in Malaysia and Indonesia which are slightly complicated,” Dai explained.

“Our cars are also suitable for camping, longer-range drive and traveling. JETOUR wants to create a lifestyle and let traveling become something really trendy,” he added.

In Malaysia, JETOUR is expected to launch its gasoline models at the Malaysia Auto Show 2024 which will held between May 22 to 26. Hybrid models are expected to be launched in August.

“For Indonesian market, the planning is almost the same,” he said.

When asked about how JETOUR differentiates itself against its sister brand JAECOO, which has started its marketing activities in Malaysia, Dai explained the differences, “JAECOO positioned itself as a trendy, young brand. Meanwhile, JETOUR is more towards an adventure, off-road SUV, for traveling farther. The looks of both brands are also quite different.”

Dai Lihong, Executive Vice President of JETOUR Auto

JETOUR’s move to launch in Malaysia and Indonesia also comes as the carmaker plans to expand into the right-hand drive market.

At the press conference during the Beijng Auto Show 2024, JETOUR announced it is preparing its entry into right-hand drive market.

“With ‘One World, One JETOUR,’ we have laid down our ‘Travel+’ footprints across the globe, extending our reach through 600 sales and service networks in over 50 countries and regions. Our preparation for entry into markets with right-hand drive vehicles and our upcoming foray into Europe is a testament to our commitment to global integration,” Dai said.

JETOUR was established in 2018. With “Travel+” as its core strategy for brand development and the philosophy of “defining journeys through actions.”

JETOUR has released dozens of models across three major series: X series (X70, X90), JETOUR DASHING, and T series (T2).

Since the debut of its first model, JETOUR has amassed over 1 million users and 42 million fans in just 5 years, securing the title of the fastest-growing new cutting-edge SUV brand in China, according to the company.

JETOUR has been vigorously expanding into overseas markets and accelerating its global footprint. Its export products primarily include complete vehicles, sets of parts, and spare parts, which have been exported to over 45 countries and regions, including the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, and the Asia-Pacific. Furthermore, JETOUR has initiated strategic planning for right-hand drive emerging markets and the EU and EU-like markets.

In 2023, JETOUR Auto’s total annual sales reached 315,167 vehicles, a 75 percent increase year-over-year. It is also worth noting that JETOUR’s international exports experienced a remarkable year-over-year increase of 147 percent, far surpassing the overall industry level and reaffirming its status as the fastest-growing new cutting-edge SUV brand in China, the company added.

JETOUR was launched by Chery Holding Group in response to market trends and consumer demand. The brand was officially created on Jan 22, 2018, and became an independent brand in 2021, with independent operations in research and development, procurement and marketing, information from its website showed.

JETOUR showcases hybrid off-road innovation at Beijing Auto Show; prepares entry into right-hand drive, European markets