GGV Capital, a global venture firm, has rebranded its Asian operations as Granite Asia, reflecting the plan to become the region’s leading multi-asset investment platform.

GGV Capital said in a statement on last Saturday that the firm remains dedicated to managing its existing portfolio in Southeast Asia, China and India with plans to expand into other asset classes and markets in Asia Pacific (APAC), reflecting the evolving needs of investors.

The firm is headquartered in Singapore and invests in the APAC region including Southeast Asia, Japan, China, India, and Australia.

The name honors Granite Global Ventures, GGV Capital’s original name when founded in 2000, said the firm.

According to the statement, Jenny Lee and Jixun Foo, long-time investment veterans with a combined portfolio of $5 billion, will lead the rebranded firm following a solid track record of two decades of growth at GGV.

Granite Global Ventures (GGV)’s founding partner Thomas Ng, along with two luminaries who championed its establishment in Singapore in 2000 – Dr Teh Kok Peng, former GIC president for Special Investments, and Teo Ming Kian, former Chairman of Singapore’s National Science and Technology Board, are joining the firm as advisors.

“The major macroeconomic and structural shifts in recent years have necessitated greater adaptability in financial solutions and industry knowledge,

“With Jenny and Jixun’s 24-year track record of operations and expanding capabilities, Granite Asia is ready to contribute to the growth of private investments in the region,” said Teh Kok Peng, Chairman of Granite Asia’s Advisory Council and former GIC President for Special Investments.

Teo Ming Kian, Founding Advisor of Granite Asia and chairman of Singapore Technologies Engineering and Vertex Ventures Holdings, said that collaboration among like-minded investors is crucial in the development and strengthening of an innovation ecosystem.

“Sharing insights and perspectives helps in the identification of opportunities and mitigation of risks, enabling the emergence and growth of innovative enterprises,

“I’m excited to participate in Granite Asia’s renewed commitment and contribution to the ecosystem in Asia – a continuing journey to support the next phase of growth for the region through technopreneurship,” he added.

According to the statement, Teo supported the founding of GGV under the Technopreneurship Investment Fund as part of the initiative to kickstart developing a knowledge-based, innovation-driven economy in Singapore.

Thomas Ng, Founding Advisor of Granite Asia and Founding Partner of GGV Capital, said that Granite Asia is a homecoming for Jixun and Jenny after elevating GGV in the world’s two largest markets.

“I take immense pride in their unwavering tenacity and am even more exhilarated about what the future holds,” he added.

Jixun Foo, senior managing partner of Granite Asia, said that Granite formed the bedrock of Granite Global Ventures (GGV).

“We’re thrilled to build upon our firm’s strong foundation for future success,” he said.

Jenny Lee, senior managing partner of Granite Asia, said the landscape for investing has never been more complex or exciting.

“Born and bred in Asia, we are committed to creating win-win-wins for our investors, businesses we invest in, and the region at large,” she added.

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