FinDoc Sdn Bhd (FinDoc), a Malaysia-based FinTech startup, has announced a strategic partnership with CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd (CTOS), a Malaysia-based credit reporting agency, to offer artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced ID verification in loan eligibility screening.

Sealed with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), this partnership aims to promote financial literacy and improve financial inclusion across the country, FinDoc said in a statement on Monday.

According to the statement, the collaboration between FinDoc and CTOS marks a significant milestone in fostering a deeper understanding of financial matters among Malaysian consumers.

Through joint initiatives and educational programs, the partners aim to provide individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed financial decisions.

FinDoc has integrated CTOS credit data and CTOS e-KYC digital onboarding solutions into its credit eligibility screening and advisory platform.

This integration will assist customers in finding the most appropriate financial products, determining their loan eligibility, and receiving personalized advice to enhance their credit health.

The goal of this collaboration is to further financial literacy and inclusion nationwide.

“FinDoc’s credit eligibility screening services have gained recognition from the Malaysia Book of Records as the FinTech platform with the most banks for financing screening, partnering with 20 banks in Malaysia,

“Our AI algorithm helps users find the best financial products and provides personalized advice to enhance their credit health,” said Chris Yong, the Chief Executive Officer of FinDoc.

Danny Fong, the Chief Business Officer of CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd, mentioned that CTOS is partnering with FinDoc to incorporate CTOS eKYC and data to provide a seamless customer onboarding experience for FinDoc customers.

According to him, this will enable Malaysians to undergo credit eligibility screening and receive advice quickly and securely online.

“Recognizing the importance of data privacy, we can ensure every credit eligibility request is genuine through digital identity verification while adhering to the highest standards in regulatory compliance,” he added.

It is noted that by utilizing CTOS credit data, FinDoc will be able to identify common financial challenges faced by users.

“With this information, we can then develop a Financial Literacy Education Program to empower users to manage their credit and finances better,

“This program will promote financial inclusion and improve their overall quality of life,” Yong added.

Norman Matthieu Vanhaecke, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle), lauded FinDoc’s achievement by saying that “supporting an innovative startup like FinDoc aligns with the government’s aspiration to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in Malaysia”.

“We are proud to be part of FinDoc’s journey and look forward to witnessing the positive impact of this partnership,

“At Cradle, we are dedicated to nurture the innovative startups, providing not just financial support but also guidance and resources needed to help them grow and scale up,” he added.

It is noted that FinDoc is a recipient of Cradle’ grant program. With Cradle’s support, FinDoc has accelerated its research and development, enhanced its technological capabilities, and expanded its presence in the Malaysian market.

The combined efforts of FinDoc, CTOS, and Cradle exemplify a shared commitment to advancing financial literacy, promoting accessibility to financial services, and driving technological innovation in Malaysia’s financial sector, said the statement.

FinDoc is an AI-powered online platform for credit screening and financial advice.

The platform helps users find optimal financial products and offers personalized advice for improving credit health and addressing financing needs. provides a variety of financial solutions, including AI-enhanced ID verification, loan eligibility screening, personalized credit advice, bank loan applications, debt consolidation, financial education, credit repair, and other credit-related services.

The company plans to enhance their security and expand their reach through strategic collaborations with key industry players by 2024.

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