Singtel has on Tuesday announced it will be launching its GPU-as-a-Service (GPUaaS) in Singapore and Southeast Asia in the third quarter of this year, providing enterprises with access to NVIDIA’s artificial intelligence (AI) computing power to drive greater efficiencies to accelerate growth and innovation.

At launch, Singtel’s GPUaaS will be powered by NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU-powered clusters that are operated in existing upgraded data centers in Singapore, Singtel said in a statement.

In addition to NVIDIA H100 GPUs, Singtel will be among the world’s first to deploy NVIDIA’s next-generation GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchips, which deliver 30 times faster real-time large language model inference than its predecessor.

Singtel will also be one of the first NVIDIA Partner Network Cloud Partners to receive them early next year.

This will give enterprise customers options of different types of accelerators for their advanced computing and AI needs.

The GPUaaS will then be expanded to run in three new sustainable, hyper-connected, high-density AI data centers by Singtel’s regional data center business Nxera in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia when they begin operations.

Singtel will be deploying more than 100MW of these next-generation sustainable AI-ready data centers through Nxera within the next three years.

“We are seeing keen interest from the private and public sectors which are raring to deploy AI at scale quickly and cost-effectively,” said Bill Chang, Chief Executive Officer of Nxera and Singtel’s Digital InfraCo.

According to him, the firm’s GPUaaS will run in AI-ready data centers specifically tailored for intense compute environments with purpose-built liquid-cooling technologies for maximum efficiency and lowest PUE, giving them the flexibility to deploy AI without having to invest and manage expensive data center infrastructure.

“Enterprises of all sizes will be able to harness the full potential of AI through readily available compute power to accelerate their development of generative AI, large language models and other AI workloads,” he said.

He also said their next-generation digital infrastructure, which comprises of AI data centers, fixed networks, 5G network with patented Paragon orchestration platform and GPUaaS, will help support Singapore’s AI ambitions and standing as a digital and AI hub, while also supporting digital transformation in the region.

Meanwhile, Ronnie Vasishta, Senior Vice President of Telecom at NVIDIA, said that by leveraging the power of NVIDIA’s accelerated computing platform, enterprises can transform their operations with AI.

“Singtel’s GPU-as-a-Service offering, powered by NVIDIA, will help businesses across the Southeast Asia region to unlock the many efficiencies AI brings,” he added.

Singtel collaborates with NVIDIA to bring AI to Singapore and Southeast Asia