SIRCLO, a an omnichannel commerce enabler in Indonesia has announce its partnership with Shopify, the global e-commerce powerhouse, to enhance its e-commerce capabilities.

SIRCLO said in its recent statement that this alliance is set to transform the online retail experience, combining the strengths of both companies to offer superior e-commerce platforms in Indonesia.

At the heart of this partnership is the integration between Shopify’s advanced commerce infrastructure and SIRCLO’s customized technology arm; SWIFT Omnichannel.

This integration aims to deliver a powerful, reliable e-commerce platform, uniquely tailored to the varied requirements of Indonesia’s business ecosystem in a dynamic online market.

The collaboration is meticulously crafted to serve a broad spectrum of businesses, from large enterprises to small-medium businesses.

According to the statement, a critical element of this partnership is the focus on localization.

Leveraging SIRCLO’s deep understanding of local market intricacies, the collaboration aims to tailor Shopify’s global platform to the specific needs of Indonesian businesses and consumers.

This approach encompasses digital marketing solutions, payment methods to expeditions, ensuring a shopping experience that resonates with the local business needs.

“SIRCLO’s strategic partnership with Shopify directly enhances our tech solutions for the vast business landscape in Indonesia,” said Muliadi Jeo, Chief Technology Officer at SIRCLO.

“Combined with SIRCLO’s 10 years of expertise in Indonesian e-commerce, we aim to deliver powerful services tailored to the unique needs of the local market,

“We aspire to elevate our digital platforms through this partnership, ensuring that online retailers in Southeast Asia’s powerhouse have access to global commerce capabilities,” he added,

It is noted that businesses utilizing this integrated solution can anticipate numerous advantages, including customizable online stores that align with their brand’s identity; simplified operations through advanced management tools; global customer reach with targeted marketing tools; increased customer engagement and loyalty; scalable technology that powers the biggest and most prominent enterprises.

According to the statement, the partnership between SIRCLO and Shopify symbolizes a shared commitment to empowering businesses with advanced e-commerce solutions.

Both companies are dedicated to providing the necessary tools and support for businesses to thrive in the digital era, particularly in the vibrant Indonesian market.

“Our goal is to continuously simplify the operation and management of commerce for retail businesses,” said Bharati Balakrishnan, Country Head and Director, India and Southeast Asia at Shopify.

“Our collaboration with SIRCLO gives Indonesian businesses, both SMBs and especially large enterprises a localized, comprehensive and scalable solution to manage their business across marketplaces and own D2C website seamlessly,

“We are confident that this partnership will help unlock the potential of large brands and retailers further in Indonesia’s thriving commerce ecosystem,” she added.

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