Indonesian quick commerce startup Dropezy has expanded into the poultry downstream industry and rebranded to Sekilo.

The firm said in a statement on Wednesday that motivated by a commitment to address evolving market demands and capitalize on emerging opportunities, Sekilo stands poised to revolutionize the meat processing and distribution space through innovative solutions.

“The decision to transition from Dropezy to Sekilo was no light undertaking; in late 2022, as profitability became our focal point, we delved into our data and uncovered the vast potential within the protein category,

“Recognizing the need to consolidate our efforts and leverage our existing skills in operations and supply chain, we officially pivoted to Sekilo in January 2023,” said its Founder Chandni Chainani.

With over 270 million Indonesians relying on chicken as a dietary staple, the firm opined that the need for a streamlined and efficient poultry distribution system is paramount.

It noted that the poultry supply chain is highly fragmented for business to business (B2B) buyers, facing challenges due to market disorganization and supply-demand mismatch.

Thus, it said Sekilo steps in to address this gap, offering B2B food service providers a revolutionary model that combines precision customization, state-of-the-art processing, and seamless distribution.

It said Indonesia’s expansive food service industry, known for its vibrant culinary culture, also offers a colossal market opportunity.

With demand being so nuanced, Sekilo recognizes the heterogeneity and focuses on supply-demand matching.

According to the statement, data permeates everything they do, empowering Sekilo to make informed decisions and provide sustainable, high-quality poultry solutions that will undoubtedly reshape the industry.

It also said the decision to shut down Dropezy, despite its roaring success, was a calculated move fueled by the pursuit of profitability and a data-driven revelation.

“Our analysis and existing data through our four years in the business to consumer (B2C) space uncovered the goldmine within the protein category—low wastage, high shelf life, soaring demand, and profit margins that set the stage for Sekilo’s bold entry,” said Chainani.

While a lot of the other players are focusing on the upstream, Sekilo said it comes in to transform the traditionally fragmented downstream poultry sector by digitizing the value chain and establishing a robust fulfillment infrastructure for seamless B2B buyer experiences.

It said they meticulously source poultry from across Java and uphold uncompromised quality adhering to global standards, prioritizing Halal and NKF certifications.

It said Sekilo’s unique strength also lies in customization, offering tailored solutions from sourcing to delivery, meeting diverse needs—from small deliveries as low as 25kgs for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to substantial drops of up to 10 tons / order.

“At Sekilo, our distinctive approach lies in the deliberate decision to concentrate on a specific segment of the poultry value chain which is downstream – assuming end-to-end control,

“This strategic move empowers us to implement in-house grading, fostering a multi-customer-profile B2B approach,” said its Co-Founder Nitish Chellaram.

According to him, This enables them to provide personalized products tailored to unique specifications, all underpinned by stringent adherence to SOPs for trust and reliability.

“Sekilo extends its services to a diverse range of entities, including SMEs, HORECA chains, industry players, e-grocery startups, and direct to consumer (D2C) processed meat factories. Our commitment to inclusivity is unwavering,

“Moreover, we are actively exploring opportunities to introduce ‘buy now, pay later’ options for some of our SME buyers through strategic partnerships with third-party fintech platforms,” he added.

Chainani also said that with a lean yet dedicated team, the firm has not only embraced a positive profit contribution 3 (PC3) business model but also redefined growth without the need for big marketing budgets.

“Every order processed at Sekilo is a result of genuine effort from our team and through word-of-mouth referrals, bringing our customer acquisition cost down to almost zero,” he said.

According to him, what’s noteworthy is that this loyalty is earned without relying on discounts, affirming Sekilo’s genuine solution to market needs.

“It’s a testament to the power of our community and the impact we’re making in the market. No discounting tricks here,

“Our suppliers and buyers stick around because they see the value we bring, and that’s what sets Sekilo apart,” he added.

Chellaram said Sekilo isn’t about grandiosity; it’s about grounded ambition.

“The journey was not without its challenges, particularly in parting ways with many valued team members. As founders, we undertook extensive planning to position Sekilo for success in the dynamic meat processing and distribution sector,

“Far beyond adaptation, Sekilo is an embodiment of grit— with a razor-sharp focus on the downstream poultry industry. With a focused lens and a heart full of learnings, we embark on this journey with humility and determination,” he added.

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