VDX, the Hong Kong-based up-and-coming digital asset platform, has on Tuesday announced a strategic partnership with MaiCapital, an Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission (SFC)-licensed blockchain and virtual asset manager, to support its upcoming Security Token Offering (STO) projects.

The duo said in a statement that this partnership reinforces VDX’s leading position as a compliant digital asset exchange with the ability to execute complex transactions in the competitive STO space.

Upon receiving regulatory approval, VDX will support MaiCapital with its latest blockchain technology solutions as well as consult on relevant compliance challenges regarding STO projects.

The partnership will increase trading volumes and liquidity and improve capital efficiency.

Both VDX and MaiCapital recognize a growing interest and demand for STO project listing and operations and are committed to offering qualified investors effective and compliant products with competitive returns with maximum protection.

“It is with great pleasure to work more closely with MaiCapital to further our service capabilities in the exciting STO space,

“VDX is committed to bridging the Web3 space with our reliable partners in traditional finance to offer our customers greater value and better investing experience,” said Kennix Chan, Executive Director and Co-founder at VDX.

Founded in 2018 by Stanford alumni and long-time finance and technology professionals, Benedict Ho and Michael Wong, MaiCapital is an SFC-licensed virtual assets manager with Type 4 (advising on securities) and Type 9 (asset management).

The firm, which offers institutionalized investment services in the blockchain asset market, has two actively managed blockchain-themed hedge funds with more than 20 times growth in total asset under management (AUM) since 2019.

“Being a licensed virtual asset manager requires us to be exceptional in everything we do and working with VDX is a great way to further our reach in the digital assets space,” said Benedict Ho, Managing Partner & CEO, Co-founder at MaiCapital.

Founded in 2021, VDX is building a reliable and compliant platform bridging traditional finance and digital assets.

VDX provides a gateway for brokers, banks, fund managers, and family offices to access the digital asset space in a compliant way.

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