Eureka AI, a Singapore-headquartered Telecom Analytics As-A-Service platform, announced on Tuesday its partnership with Google Cloud to enable Operators worldwide to deploy Eureka’s AI Platform and suite of Analytics products to improve revenues and profitability
This partnership with Google Cloud allows Operators to offer their B2B enterprise partners Eureka AI’s highly scalable and privacy secure suite of products that help them to grow their digital business and financial inclusion, the company said in a statement. These products include:
▪ Spectrum. A Financial Inclusion platform leveraging alternative data for risk scoring to address credit-underserved population segments around the world.

▪ Omni. A Market Research Platform that allows businesses to grow their digital brands by measuring market size and penetration, as well as analyze brand share and performance against existing and/or emerging competitors.

▪ Pinpoint.  Unified Location Intelligence and Population Mobility details to empower businesses with detailed insights on any location, traffic trends, effectiveness of Digital OOH Advertising, business competitive analytics, cross-entity flow, correlations, and recommendations.

▪ Explorer.  An Audience Intelligence Platform enabling Segment Analysis, Look-Alike Modeling, App Usage Understanding, Consumer App Recommendations and Advanced Interests-Based Marketing.

▪ DS2. AI/ML-Ops platform for Data Scientists enabling Data Discovery, Feature Engineering, Model Lifecycle Management and Monitoring
The current advances in AI are unlocking a new wave of digital growth with McKinsey & Company estimating that Generative AI has the potential to increase global corporate profits annually by up to $4.4 trillion.  An example use case are services for otherwise underserved consumers. A recent TransUnion global study “Empowering Credit Inclusion” revealed a need for Financial Inclusion across both developed and emerging economies.  The study showed that the credit underserved population in developed markets such as US, Canada and Hong Kong was 15-30% of the population, and up to 50 percent of the population in emerging markets such as South Africa and India.     
Benjamin Soemartopo, CEO of Eureka AI said: “Our strategic partnership with Google Cloud on joint go-to-market efforts and faster Google Cloud deployments will accelerate growth and adoption of Eureka AI’s products globally.” 
The combined power of Eureka AI and Google Cloud will serve the demand for Telecom Analytics As- A-Service, financial inclusion and digital market intelligence on a global scale.

Eureka AI is a software company that delivers enterprises actionable intelligence at scale by applying AI to telecom and population scale data sets.  Eureka works with Fortune 500 companies in industries including banking, insurance, ecommerce, telecom and transportation and has operations across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

From fragility to empowerment in the era of generative AI and blockchain