SoLeLands, an Indonesia-based immersive game-based learning platform to support kids’ self-discovery, has on Wednesday announced that the company had raised funding led by East Ventures, with the participation of SMDV.

The funding will be allocated for capacity building and product development in preparation for the soft launching in the fourth quarter of 2023, SoLeLands said in a statement.

“We believe that the funding and support will enable us to provide the best platform to empower parents and educators in nurturing children’s self-discovery, and learning the required life skills and competencies,

“We are confident in seizing the potential ahead and contributing to the overall growth of society,” said Jonathan Prathama, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SoLeLands.

Founded in 2022 by Jonathan Prathama (Chief Executive Officer) and Adhi Paisoseputra (Chief Operating Officer), the inception of SoLeLands was inspired by the current state of parenting.

As parents, Jonathan and Adhi realized that children in today’s generations are growing up in a technology-driven society, and thus parents should equip their children with the necessary skills and values to thrive and adapt in an ever-changing future landscape.

SoLeLands serves as the solution to ensure the right exposure and simulation to groom digital-native children.

The platform focuses on two main objectives: discover kids’ passions and prepare kids for future challenges.

In achieving those objectives, as the edu games, SoLeLands applies the game-first approach in supporting all parents and educators in preparing the required skills and values for their children.

SoLeLands provides an enjoyable and meaningful learning experience that surpasses alternative ways children learn and spend their time.

SoLeLands also emphasizes the importance of children’s development across various areas like life skills, virtues, intelligence, and competencies.

As much information might be new for the children, SoLeLands presents learning content in easily digestible formats to ensure better understanding and easier absorption.

Additionally, SoLeLands offers a talent manager tool for parent-child collaboration, which also provides visibility for their parents regarding the kids’ passion and talent.

Thus, these insights will empower parents to guide their children’s development, but at the same time, still prioritize children’s independence and safety, building their love for learning and equipping them with lifelong curiosity.

SoLeLands understand the importance of fostering the connection between games and real life to allow the application of knowledge.

Therefore, the company takes a genre of massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMO RPG) to provide a unique and engaging learning experience through hyper- localized settings and impartial tools for discovering true passions.

It presents learning in synthetic environments with familiar landmarks, with users having the option of assuming the roles among which, as inventors, biologists, and archeologists.

“Education plays a pivotal role in shaping a prosperous future. We believe that SoLeLands’s innovative approach and offerings serve as the right and unprecedented solution that not only focus on life skills and competencies but also on the longer goal of building the love of learning,

“We believe SoLeLands is here to empower the education landscape in the country and eventually contribute to the better learning process for the younger generation and society,” said Jordy Tenka, Investment Professional at East Ventures.

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