Crypto asset trading platform Binance has launched Binance Japan, its new platform designed for the Japanese market.

Binance said in a statement on Tuesday that it believes this to be a significant milestone in the country’s Web3 journey and hope to deliver an unmatched crypto experience to its users in Japan.

Previously known as SAKURA Exchange BitCoin, Inc. (SEBC), the licensed local cryptocurrency exchange service provider that Binance had acquired in November 2022 has undergone a business name change to become Binance Japan Inc.

According to the statement, new users in Japan can now access a range of products and services, including spot trading and Earn products.

For existing users in Japan who are registered with its global platform, a separate notice will be provided after Aug 14 to initiate the migration process.

Binance Japan offers a selection of 34 tokens for spot trading, including BNB, which becomes available in the country for the first time.

“By offering regulated exchange services in Japan, we’re hoping to bolster the development of the Japanese digital-asset market,” said Binance.

It said that Japan’s drive for technological innovation and growing interest in blockchain technology make it a fantastic place to build a robust and sustainable Web3 ecosystem.

“Together with our Japanese users, it’s time to grow the Binancian community and welcome another wave of Web3 early adopters to the fold,” it added.

Binance enters Japan after acquiring Sakura Exchange BitCoin