Singapore-based Bunker has landed more than $5 million over two rounds for its financial analytics platform to propel Asia Pacific (APAC)’s startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) into a new era of accelerated profitability and reliable growth.

The investors include Alpha JWC, January Capital, Northstar Group, GFC, Money Forward, and more, with prolific angels including Chris Lin, Rosemary Hua DeAragon and Tiger Fang, Bunker said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Imagine today’s world, but without any concept of antiquated financial statements like a profit and loss (P&L) or cash flow. To make sense of the raw financial data – the 1,000s of rows of transactions in accounting software – one would begin with a data science approach instead. That’s what Bunker does,” said Shivom Sinha, Bunker Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder.

He said that in today’s economic landscape, Chief Executive Officers and Chief Financial Officers are holding their finance strategies to the highest standards, but monthly financial planning and analysis (FP&A) cycles fall short – they’re still too shallow and too slow.

“The richest financial data for critical insights still lies the general ledger but unpacking it continues to be a gruelling exercise,

“Bunker bridges this gap, enabling leadership to plan and execute with surgical precision,” he added.

Having cut his teeth for the likes of KKR, Shivom has played a key role in driving the strategic finance function for Gojek, Uber and Kargo across Indonesia and APAC.

Bunker is a modern financial analytics platform that gives executives deep financial visibility, by turning the thousands of overlooked rows in the general ledger into actionable insights.

Its proprietary software easily surfaces areas for investigation by going bottoms-up – scanning the thousands of overlooked rows of transaction and other data in a company’s accounting or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

Its service includes monthly PDF reports consisting of automatically generated natural language bullet points plus charts and tables which enable strategic cross-functional collaboration via a single source of truth.

Bunker’s growing customer base spans markets such as Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

The platform integrates with software such as Xero, NetSuite, QuickBooks, Jurnal, Accurate, SAP and more.

The company’s solution was conceived after an early acquisition of bookkeeping and tax services consultancy, Proyek Beta, now a subsidiary called Bunker Books.

Proyek Beta’s Former Chief Executive Officer Jibrilia Alamsjah joined Bunker as a Co-Founder and strategic advisor to architect how the product could service C-Suites leveraging on her own executive experience.

Venture firms backing Bunker include January Capital, Alpha JWC, GFC, Northstar Group, Money Forward, Alpine Ventures, and Patamar Capital.

Its angels also include Chris Lin, Rosemary DeAaragon, Tiger Fang, Gaurav Gupta, Christian Sutardi, Warren Tseng, Jonathan Wong, Nakul Malhotra, and Shaun Hon.

“With a focus on a bottom-up approach and for businesses to have complete visibility and control over their finances towards profitability, Bunker would be a pivotal tool for businesses to make those better and informed decisions,” said Eko Kurniadi, Partner at Alpha JWC.

According to him, the platform’s ability to provide comprehensive financial snapshots effortlessly so that the finance team can devote their time to where their expertise are needed instead of spending it on mundane and time consuming tasks.

Meanwhile, Kargo Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Tiger Fang said it has been essential for Kargo to be able to map out and execute a path to profitability during these historically difficult times.

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