FOMO Pay, the Singapore-headquartered major payment institution, announced Monday its implementation of Moody’s Analytics know your customer (KYC) solution to monitor risk and secure compliance of its digital payments and digital banking services.

This implementation harnesses Moody’s Analytics prominent expertise in risk management to enhance FOMO Pay’s compliance capabilities and elevate its clients’ onboarding experiences, FOMO Pay said in a statement.

According to the statement, FOMO Pay has successfully implemented an end-to-end KYC and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance solution with Moody’s Analytics, supported by world-leading financial crime screening data.

The data FOMO Pay is harnessing includes entity and ownership data for 450 million companies worldwide; a real-time network of global government registers; the largest collection of high-risk subjects worldwide; and customer onboarding, lifecycle management, and compliance workflow automation.

Through implementation of this technology, FOMO Pay has significantly accelerated its risk screening processes, enabling efficient client onboarding and enhanced due diligence while upholding strict adherence to regulatory requirements.

Backed by powerful data and automated workflows, Moody’s Analytics KYC solution further enhances FOMO Pay’s efficiency and accuracy in risk detection – assisting corporate registry search, streamlining watchlist screenings, and reducing manual compliance tasks.

“FOMO Pay made a strategic decision to leverage Moody’s strengths and gain access to its extensive and accurate global data which now empowers FOMO Pay to make optimal risk-based decisions,

“This implementation strengthens our KYC/AML program. As a result, our KYC/AML checks are now more efficient and accurate, our processing speed has increased, and we have reduced friction during onboarding,” said Lim Wee Teck, Head of Compliance at FOMO Pay.

According to the statement, the implementation of Moody’s Analytics KYC solution highlights FOMO Pay’s commitment to choosing leading technologies for effective risk management and compliance.

In an evolving and increasingly regulated market, FOMO Pay shows its dedication to providing secure and innovative digital payment and digital banking solutions, while upholding the highest standards of compliance, security, and customer trust.

“FOMO Pay is utilizing our full screening, data, and automation capabilities across company ownership, sanctions, PEPs and more,

“Having this capability at their fingertips marks FOMO Pay out as a leader in the digital KYC/AML compliance space, ensuring they are able to understand risks, to make decisions with confidence, and safeguard their business,” said Keith Berry, General Manager, Know Your Customer Solutions at Moody’s Analytics.

Founded in 2015, FOMO Pay is a major payment institution licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to conduct cross-border money transfer service, domestic money transfer service, digital payment token service, and merchant acquisition service.

The firm has become a one-stop digital payment and digital banking solution provider and is currently building Asia’s first licensed gateway helping institutions and businesses to connect between fiat and digital currency.

The firm offers its three flagship products: FOMO Payment – one-stop digital payment solution for merchants, corporates and financial institutions; FOMO iBank – facilitate businesses’ requirements for transactional banking needs ; FOMO Crypto – Asia’s licensed gateway bridging fiat and digital currency.

FOMO Pay has officially become the member of Singapore Clearing House Association (SCHA)