GoTo Financial, GoTo’s financial technology business unit, has officially launched the GoPay app in Indonesia, as part of its commitment to provide financial services for more people across the country, including those who are not Gojek and Tokopedia users.

Starting today, consumers in all cities in Indonesia can download the GoPay app on Android and iOS, GoTo said in a statement on Wednesday.

It said they will be able to use all features in the app, including up to 100 free transfers per month1, purchase of phone credit, data packages and bill payments at special prices, and an expense report feature that will enable them to better plan their finances.

It is noted that security is another key area of focus, and consumers using the app will be prompted to complete five simple steps to protect their accounts.

GoPay’s services will also continue to be accessible via the Gojek and Tokopedia apps, according to the statement.

The official launch follows an extensive pilot program, through which the GoPay app was introduced in various cities throughout Indonesia starting from April 2023.

“The launch of the GoPay app is an extremely important milestone for us as it will allow us to reach a much wider range of people in Indonesia, including those who are not Gojek and Tokopedia users, and provide them with secure and reliable financial services,” said Hans Patuwo, President of Financial Technology, GoTo.

With Indonesia having over 97 million unbanked adults, he said the GoPay app represents a significant opportunity for them to bring financial services to more people in the country, and enable Indonesians to manage their finances with greater ease.

By launching the GoPay app, he said the firm aims to eliminate the barriers to accessing financial services.

“To do this, we have paid special attention to every aspect of the app, including making it light in size so that those for whom phone capacity is a limited resource will be able to download it, and ensuring the app’s design is simple and user-friendly,

“This is just the start, and we will continue to grow the capabilities of the GoPay app and the features within it to ensure we can meet the financial needs of Indonesians from all walks of life,” he added.

GoPay is a payment and financial services provider that aims to improve lives and promote financial inclusion by helping millions of Indonesians access digital banking, investment and insurance services.

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