Editor’s note: the article first appeared on KoreaTech Desk.

TechNode Global and beSUCCESS co-hosted a forum in Seoul, South Korea, on June 22, focusing on entering the Chinese market through the Greater Bay Area. The event was supported by Zhuhai Da Hengqin Development Co., Ltd. and Beyond Expo.

At the event, details of the 3rd Hengqin International Scientific and Technological Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition were announced. It is a prestigious event designed to connect high-quality companies with the vibrant ecosystem of Hengqin Island in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

The TechNode Global and beSUCCESS forum hosted about 50 people including Liang Ying, Senior Manager Industrial Development Department; Xie Yulin, Head of Technode Global Asia; Stanley Chong Guan Tai, Global Markets; Seah Kah Wee, JoongAng Ilbo China Lab CEO Hwang Woo-Seok, Wonbillion Partners CEO Choi Seong-hee, as well as Korean startup support officials and startup representatives. They shared insights on South Korea and introduced strategies for seeking entry into the Chinese market through the Greater Bay Area.

Liang Ying, Chief Information Officer of Zhuhai Da Hengqin Development Co., Ltd., made an introduction about the 2023 Hengqin Startup Contest, where startups can gain a foothold in entering China.

With its strategic location and unique advantages, Hengqin offers an ideal springboard for startups to access the vast opportunities in Greater China. The competition has garnered immense success in the past, attracting thousands of projects from around the world and offering substantial prizes and support for participants.

Competition Overview:

1. Eligibility: The competition welcomes legally registered entities with essential technology and products that are feasible and willing to establish a presence in Hengqin or Macau. Overseas talents are especially encouraged to participate.
2. Focus Areas: The competition revolves around four major fields: IC and electronic components, biomedicine and medical devices, big data and AI, and new materials and new energy.
3. Groups and Tracks: Participants can choose between two groups: the Startup Group and the Growth Group. Additionally, two tracks are available: the Regular Track and the Macau Track, which offers specific advantages and promotional opportunities for Korean and overseas projects.

4. Stage Highlights:
a. Sign-up: Registration for participation opened on April 14, and the deadline is June 30, 2023. Basic information and core team details must be submitted before July 14.
b. Rounds: The second, third, and fourth rounds will be held online from July to September, culminating in a semifinal.
c. Semifinal and Final: In October, the Semifinal (On-the-spot Inspection) will take place, followed by the Semifinal and Final held in Hengqin and Macau, respectively, on November 7 and 9. Participants will present live roadshows during these stages.

5. Awards: The competition features a total of 31 awards, including 11 for the Startup Group, 10 for the Growth Group, and 10 for the “New Green Lotus Award.” The Growth Group champion stands a chance to win a non-repayable grand prize of up to 100 million RMB.

6. Sign-up Guidelines: Interested participants can visit the official website and click on the Registration button to sign up. The deadline for sign-up is June 30, and basic information and business plan details should be filled in by July 14. QR codes are provided for easy access to more information.

The Third Hengqin International Scientific and Technological Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition offers an exceptional opportunity for startups to tap into the thriving business environment of Hengqin and the Greater Bay Area. With generous incentives, superior policies, and access to world-class facilities, Hengqin sets the stage for success. Join the competition, unlock your potential, and embrace the vast possibilities that await in Hengqin, Greater China, and beyond.