Decentralised Gaming Ventures, a Singapore-based web3 game venture builder, has on Thursday announced a seven-figure investment round led by Korean venture fund, Hashed.

Decentralised Gaming Ventures said in a statement that the investment backs up the firm’s vision to accelerate the careers of emerging game developers across Southeast Asia (SEA) by acquiring independent studios and supporting their games’ success through dedicated mentorship, co-development and access to intellectual property (IP).

“We’re at the very beginning of a journey to transform game development across the region by giving promising young game makers access to capital, community, mentorship, blockchain technology protocol, co-development capabilities and major IP access,” said Samson Oh, Chief Executive Officer of Decentralised Gaming Ventures.

“Our mission is to create an ecosystem where top development talents across SEA are supported in their quest to build blockchain-based web3 games, which we believe represent the future of the games industry,

“Through the support of Hashed, we’re delighted to further build out our vision and cement this region as a hotbed for forward-thinking, visionary game developers,” he added.

Established in 2021, Decentralised Gaming Ventures is a pioneering Web3 game venture builder redefining game publishing.

The firm harnesses the power of digital ownership and blockchain technology to revolutionize the gaming experience and liberate indie developers from traditional publishing constraints.

Recognizing the creative potential of indie games and the value of strong IPs, the firm collaborates closely with developers to amplify, give access to and expand their own IPs, creating captivating gaming experiences that resonate worldwide.

Its extensive network provides indie developers with a wealth of resources and opportunities, including investments, partnerships, media exposure, and supportive communities.

At the core of Decentralised Gaming Ventures is a deep-rooted desire to turn Southeast Asia into a hotbed for game development talents, while accelerating the growth of web3 games across the region.

Already, the venture builder has hosted 32 emerging game developers (across eight teams) at its Singapore studio, which acts as an incubator for teams to prototype, iterate and launch new titles into the market.

In the last 12 months alone, the venture builder has supported the launch of 15 games.

Another route to supporting local game developers is through access to world-renowned entertainment IP.

Decentralised Gaming Ventures has partnered before with the likes of Singapore-based toys and collectibles firm Mighty Jaxx across its stable of titles.

And to further its IP partnership strategy, gaming executive (formerly Scopely SEA General Manager) Derrick Sim has come on board as Chief Operating Officer.

Derrick has collaborated with the world’s biggest entertainment IP such as Marvel, StarCraft II and FIFA Online 2, and brings vast experience in nurturing the careers of emerging game developers.

“Investing in Decentralised Gaming Ventures presents a unique opportunity to align with visionary founder Samson Oh, an accomplished serial entrepreneur in the gaming industry,” said Ryan Kim, Partner and Co-Founder of Hashed.

Backed by government agencies and associations across SEA, he said Decentralised Gaming Ventures leads the charge in advancing the digital ownership agenda in gaming through the creative potential of indie games and IP access.

“With a diverse team well-versed in the Web3 industry and Samson’s expertise in community building from esports and global media, Decentralised Gaming Ventures brings a valuable synergy to its current business and opens doors to exciting possibilities,

“Our investment in Decentralised Gaming Ventures taps into a promising venture that combines experienced leadership, government support, and a strong foundation for growth in the Web3 gaming landscape,” he added.

Founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs and engineers in 2017, Hashed is the preeminent blockchain firm in Asia with a portfolio that spans the globe.

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