Legit Group, a multi-brand cloud kitchen conceptor and operator based in Indonesia, has officially announced that it has raised a total of $13.7 million.

This Series-A round is led by MDI Ventures, the venture capital company from PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk, and followed by other investors such as SMDV, East Ventures, and Winter Capital, Legit Group said in a statement.

In a previous funding round in 2021, Legit Group successfully raised $3 million in seed funding, with East Ventures as the lead investor and participation from AC Ventures.

The accelerated growth brought by this new funding has made Legit Group optimistic about mastering the most suitable marketing strategies in the food and beverages (F&B) product and brand development industry.

This belief is supported by the company’s strong traction since the seed funding round, with sales reaching about three times and the successful launch of 1 new brand.

“We are thrilled to have a strong group of investors supporting us in creating F&B infrastructure that carries the vision of ‘Food for Everyone’,

“Through the funding obtained from MDI Ventures, Legit Group will strengthen its commitment to bringing more food to various places, while continuing to innovate and improve the technology we have to achieve a more efficient operating system,” said Bram Hendrata, Chairman of Legit Group.

Established in 2021, Legit Group currently operates four well-known brands, Pastaria, Sei’Tan, Sek Fan, and Ryujin, located in over 30 points around Jabodetabek.

The brands under Legit Group do not have offline locations, they operate under a cloud business model.

Currently, Legit Group’s business sector is growing rapidly. While most regular cloud kitchen business owners focus on improving their abilities to serve more customers in new areas, Legit Group has seen the potential of new generation F&B technology that focuses more on developing F&B brands by applying technology to maximize profits.

Thus, Legit Group believes that this focus will provide a competitive advantage in the cloud kitchen market.

“Legit Group founder’s experience, Bram who has been successful and profitable in the F&B business world for 15 years, as well as their ability to develop innovative, effective product and marketing strategies, makes MDI Ventures increasingly confident that our support as a major investor will strengthen their position in the F&B industry and accelerate their business growth,” said Donald Wihardja, Chief Executive Officer of MDI Ventures.

He said this collaboration is expected to create positive synergy and greater success for both parties.

“This investment is also MDI Ventures’ effort to provide a positive social impact on the growth of the agriculture sector in Indonesia,” he added.

Amid macroeconomic conditions that often demand startups to remain profitable, Legit Group prioritizes achieving economic balance while continuing to strive for a healthy unit of economics.

To achieve this goal, Legit Group also announced its plan to expand in 2023 by targeting Jabodetabek and other cities with large delivery markets, as currently 95 percent of Legit Group’s outlets are only still within the Jakarta area.

“Through the support of various parties, strategic approaches, and our commitment to product quality excellence, we believe we can continue to produce relevant products with the best quality in more areas in Indonesia,” Bram concluded.

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