Malaysia-based financial planning firm Advisonomics has joined hands with cloud payroll and human resource software provider to work together in making the CashKu digital financial planning app accessible to more people.

The two parties said in a statement that they have integrated their respective platforms to provide users an access to the financial planning app.

According to the statement, this memorandum of understanding (MoU) was born out of the two companies’ mutual concerns that Malaysians do not have sufficient accessible savings and wealth building solutions, specifically in matters of retirement savings.

By making the CashKu app more accessible, they hope to encourage and help more small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) employees prepare their nest eggs for retirement and increase Malaysians’ access to financial advisory services.

“In the past two years, reflective of global as well as domestic economic environments, not to mention the disruption brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for stable and more accessible retirement savings facilities has been augmented,” said Advisonomics Co-Founder Raevendren Ramachandran.

“Aside from employee provident fund (EPF), the average person generally lacks access to financial advisory services and investment opportunities that will help increase their retirement savings,

“Additionally, financial planning and investment programmes often require significant financial outlays,” he added.

CashKu, designed and managed by Advisonomics, is a digital financial planning app that is targeted to create awareness around savings, retirement planning and financial literacy.

With the aim to democratize access to financial planning and wealth management, the app is highly user friendly, even to those new to this game.

The first app of its kind in Malaysia, CashKu is an ideal platform to launch an investment initiative, enabling users to save and invest with outlays as low as MYR10 ($2.26) with advisor support included.

Two primary components of this app are the CashKu Save program which offers higher returns than conventional savings as well as better liquidity options; and CashKu invest through which everyone can access all risk portfolios with zero sales charge.

“This tie up with CashKu is aimed at helping all Malaysians better prepare for their financial futures,

“Over 60,000 employees from some 12,000 companies that works with will have access to the benefits of CashKu,” said Founder and Chief Executive Officer Effon Khoo.

“It is also very much in line with’s philosopy and objective to help people live better lives,” he added.

Advisonomics is a registered financial planning firm established in 2019, backed by highly experienced and trained financial advisors.

Holding both HRDF and financial planning licences, the firm aims to democratise and create financial literacy among Malaysians using a powerful mix of technology and human collaboration, with the message that everyone can create investments towards securing their financial future. is Malaysia’s leading cloud payroll and human resource software provider.

The platform offers a simple, elegant way to streamline and manage HR administrative processes and policies, especially for small and medium businesses.

The platform processes payroll of over MYR4 billion ($900 million), supported by 16 banks and PDPA audited by BDO.

With cloud data storage on AWS, it is easily accessible anywhere and anytime.

The platform also recently introduced a free mobile app to further facilitate ease of use by employees and employers alike.

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