PT Astra Digital Mobil has introduced a digital platform for buying and selling used cars in Indonesia that can be accessed via a website or mobile app called mobbi.

PT Astra Digital Mobil said in a statement that with the mission to provide a wide selection of used cars equipped with clear information for customers, mobbi also introduced three public figures as its brand ambassadors, namely Vincent Rompies, Deddy Mahendra Desta, and Enzy Storia.

“Today we would like to introduce mobbi, the newest used car platform from the Astra Group for used car enthusiasts. Mobbi is a trusted used car buying and selling platform that is integrated with various Astra automotive business lines,” said PT Astra Digital Mobil President Commissioner Hendry Christian Wong.

Meanwhile, PT Astra Digital Mobil President Director Naga Sujady said the firm’s passion is to connect all used car business lines from all Astra Group ecosystems.

“Currently mobbi is already integrated with the Astra Group, such as Toyota, Daihatsu, mobil88, IBID, Auto TRUST, ACC group, Toyota Astra Financial Services, Astra Buana Insurance and Astrapay, and plans to continue to grow in the future so that mobbi services can be more complete, and all on one platform,

“We hope that mobbi can become the most convenient platform for buying, selling and trade-in used cars for the people of Indonesia,” he added.

PT Astra Digital Mobil Director and Co-Chief Executive Officer CK Yap said mobbi puts forward three main benefits, namely inspection by the experts from Astra; mobbi Certified quality assurance; and an eight-day money-back guarantee.

“So, if within that time, the car does not comply with the mobbi certified inspection results, the customer can return the car and we will give you a 100 percent refund,” he said.

For customers who want to sell their car, mobbi offers a fast payment process that will be completed within one hour*; a safe transaction process because it is carried out by the
experts from Astra; as well as competitive prices based on fair inspections. Mobbi also offers convenience and peace of mind for customers who want to sell and buy cars on mobbi.

In addition, payment flexibility is also available on mobbi with many payment options, both in cash and credit, coupled with easy access to credit that can be obtained on the mobbi

Selling, buying and trade-in used cars on mobbi is also easier with a flexible and safe on-demand payment system thanks to the support of the Astra Financial ecosystem which is directly integrated with the mobbi website or mobile apps.

PT Astra Digital Mobil (mobbi), which is part of the Astra Group, is an online used car buying and selling platform, which focuses on selling, buying and trade-in used cars on-demand.

Mobbi is supported by various Astra Group automotive subsidiaries spread across various regions in Indonesia. The firm aims to tackle the market’s needs for transparent, fast and
safe buying, selling and trade-in of used cars.

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