VinaCapital Ventures, the Vietnam-based technology investment platform of VinaCapital Group, announced Monday that it has taken a stake in M3TA, a Web3 data analytics company that seeks to empower businesses in Web3 with the power of data. Details of the investment were not disclosed.

“With dynamic and high-quality data, the doors are open for optimization, personalization, and strategies that are specifically tailored for segments of gamers and citizens of the metaverse. While rapid adoption of blockchain gaming gave way to a goldmine of data, use cases for data analytics go far beyond this segment,

“As other industries such as real estate, wealth (digital asset) management, sports, and entertainment explore the uncharted territory of blockchain and seek to understand its ever-expanding implications on consumer behavior, technological solutions like those that M3TA offers will be the determining factor of a business’s success in their endeavors in the metaverse,” VinaCapital Ventures Partner Hoang Duc Trung said in a statement.

M3TA’s mission is to empower businesses in Web3 with the ability to truly understand their users. Its initial inspiration came from solving the structural inefficiencies that existed within blockchain gaming and guilds in 2021, where a lack of data led to massive underutilization of assets and disproportionately high gamer turnover.

The firm aims to build a data platform that not only improves utility of assets through optimized allocation but also improves the gamer experience through
personalization and predictive learning. This solution has evolved over the last five months as M3TA looks to now improve not only the blockchain gaming space, but all of Web3 through their Data Analytics Platform.

The firm also aims to apply its technology to improve consumer understanding in the metaverse where McKinsey predicts, “Businesses’ and consumers’ annual global spending related to the metaverse could reach $5 trillion by 2030.” Of which, e-commerce spending will account for between $2 trillion to $2.6 trillion, while virtual advertising account for $144 billion to $206 billion.

M3TA has strong conviction that brands’ success in Web3 will hinge upon their ability to understand their customers and potential users that participate in this space, and that consumer analytics will play a crucial role.

The firm was created in 2021 by Daniel Nguyen, its Founder and Chief Executive Officer. He has an international consulting background with experience in digital transformation and artificial intelligence related to customer insight and omni-channel marketing automation.

The other key executives of M3TA, including Cris Tran, Minjae Kim, Justin Cohen, Hung Vo, and Dat Nguyen, also have a wealth of global experience leading
projects in the areas of blockchain, artificial intelligence, marketing, and large IT project delivery, with educational backgrounds from Harvard and MIT.

“We are thrilled to be receiving the support of VinaCapital Ventures and seeing the shared conviction in the enormous potential of the M3TA analytics platform in the new Web3 economy. The case for user data analytics in Web3 is far from mere emulation of that in Web2. Blockchain technology adds such a layer of complexity with decentralization that getting to know your customers is no longer the same exercise it once was in traditional businesses. VinaCapital Ventures’ commitment to grow with M3TA in this space speaks volumes to the huge potential opportunities that lay ahead in the metaverse,” said Daniel Nguyen, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of M3TA.

Launched in 2018, VinaCapital Ventures is a technology investment platform investing in the next generation of promising Vietnamese and Southeast Asian start-ups. Its mission is to help develop strong technology companies in Vietnam and assist them in building a regional presence.

In supporting entrepreneurs, the firm offers capital, networking, and mentorship. Its team combines a diverse set of skills and experience, ranging from entrepreneurship, product marketing, operational management, and technology strategy, to developing client bases, deal making and capital raising.

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