The Great Resignation will continue in 2022 – especially in the healthcare and tech industries. Why? Working hours are long, and there is low support for grievances. This increases the challenges employees face in the traditional working setting, much less a hybrid working environment. This is why employees will continue to quit in search of a job with better benefits and prospects.

As working cultures shift to greater awareness of customers’ and employees’ happiness, managers and bosses have to work smarter to ensure a positive working environment to retain talented employees and a good reputation among consumers.

And so, here are my three golden tips on how to retain your top talent in 2022.

Building a prepared digital environment

Forget hybrid working – in this day and age, a digital workspace is a must, not just to accommodate work but to build relationships with the team they work with.

It was reported by HBR that people who have said they feel more productive, have stronger workplace relationships also feel included on a typical workday online. This contrasts with those who were not as close to their colleagues online, mentioning that they find difficulty in thinking strategically, collaborating or brainstorming with others, and proposing innovative ideas. Newer employees are also experiencing the pain of social isolation more – the past year has made it harder for new employees to find their footing since they are not experiencing the onboarding, networking, and training that they might have expected in a normal year.

As a result, more companies are turning to cloud technologies to increase productivity and mimic a holistic working experience like the times when everyone was back in the office. This was the primary motivation to start CLDY – to help businesses pivot online and adapt to the new digital norm – which is likely to stay in the new workplace of the future.

A trend we are experiencing on the ground is in line with the recent survey by Flexera shows a huge demand for cloud technology – 27 percent of leaders mentioned a significant increase in cloud spending and that public cloud adoption will continue to accelerate. 59% of enterprises even expect cloud usage to exceed prior plans. With this much digital transfer and accessibility to tech to foster online relationships and interactions, there’s no looking back to the old ways of working.

Upgrading your security to allow more flexibility

As the digital space continues to grow, security functions are now a must-have. Not only does it provide peace of mind when it comes to cybersecurity, but it also cultivates the growth of other aspects of the business – like remote working. Increasing your company’s security and working

capabilities like zero-trust functions and private servers can allow employees to work from anywhere, without worrying about any unsafe, unauthorized access and intruders.

Bringing on high-tech low failure-rate software like CLDY in-house solutions, SpamShield, and AntiScam, that stops the user from receiving spam and scam emails is one way to go about this. Some of the breaches in security and data leaks would commonly start or come from when you’re working remotely, and having a form of deterrence to stop scam emails from coming into your inbox helps increase the confidence of companies and by extension, employees to settle into remote working.

This flexibility, rendered possible by a secure workflow, is extremely attractive for employees and this is likely to help you retain them in your workforce. This is why employees and customers will appreciate and look favorably towards a company that is open to onboarding new systems to encourage productivity even when working remotely.

Putting people first and revenue second

More and more people are feeling the stress from the work environment associated with COVID-19 and, truth be told, a company is not able to function with a mentally drained and burnt-out team. This is why people are looking towards a company that can offer a healthy work-life balance and a sense of purpose in the company.

It’s time to invest in initiatives and activities that will not just benefit the company but the people in it – and over time this effort will trickle down to create a desirable company for partners and stakeholders. Such activities can include sessions or feedback channels to listen to the grievances, accommodations for remote working, upskilling, and providing employees more autonomy at the workplace.

This is one of the first steps to slowing attrition and regaining your growth curve. These are just some ways you can show attention and also display a form of respect for the people in your company. Think of your employees like customers and put thoughtful attention into retaining them.

One simply can not expect to take their employees for granted and expect them to stay because healthy relationships simply do not work that way. Employees make up the company you’re building and hence, it makes sense that as a business owner or business leader, you take care of the very talented pool of people who are working together to make the business flourish. And that is what 2022 is about – creating the perfect balance between business optimization by running the company smoothly and keeping it attractive through happy employees. Like they always say, a unit is as strong as its weakest link.

Alvin Poh is a Singaporean internet entrepreneur, angel investor, and philanthropist. He is best known for co-founding Vodien Internet Solutions, growing it to be the largest hosting provider in Singapore. Currently, Alvin Poh presides as the founder of the Super Scaling brand, training the next generation of entrepreneurs to scale their business in Singapore, and Chairman of, providing a multi-cloud experience for customers looking for Cloud-hosting services in Singapore.

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