We are thrilled to announce the Startup Winners – GreenTech & Sustainable Tech, and Startup Winners – Internet Solutions for the second edition of the ORIGIN Innovation Awards.

The ORIGIN Innovation Awards recognizes outstanding startups, corporate innovators, and movers and shakers in the Asia Pacific region poised for growth. The awards celebrate the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, and also seek to inspire the dreamer in all of us.

We’d like to express our deepest thanks to everyone who participated. All the nominations are truly inspirational, and we would like to congratulate everyone for your efforts and nominations.

Nominations for the ORIGIN Innovation Awards began on June 15 and ended on September 15, 2021. The eligible nominees for the Startup Awards were put up for judging and public voting from September 16 to October 31, 2021. Final decisions about the awards were made by a committee of advisors, informed by the public voting.

Together with the all-star advisory team, TechNode Global spent close to two weeks evaluating every nomination and determining the finalists. The ORIGIN Innovation Awards advisory committee is made up of representatives from BeeNext, Innoven Capital, and Kairous Capital.

Here are the winners for Startup – GreenTech & Sustainable Tech and Internet Solutions:

GreenTech & Sustainable Tech

GreenArc Capital is an AI-driven impact investment FinTech helping to close the UN SDG financing gap. Specializing in private credit/lending markets with a focus on climate action and financial inclusion, it has developed an accredited impact measurement & management solution that goes a step further than ESG risk mitigation.

With the goal of tackling inequality, economic disparity, and environmental devastation, GreenArc Capital uses AI technology and big data to measure, report and verify the positive and negative outcomes of financing on society and the environment, providing an assessment of true sustainable development. Its solution aims to help financial institutions and enterprises measure and maximize the contribution of their business towards creating a positive social impact.

Mi Terro is redefining circular economy in which agricultural waste is upcycled and engineered to replace plastic in the food, packaging, and fashion industries. Mi Terro creates sustainable and durable flexible packaging materials. It envisions packaging that can be returned back to nature after it is used, leaving no harm to the environment. Its films are home compostable, ocean degradable, and 3-5 times cheaper than other bio-based materials.

Oceania Robotics (Marine Division) is a world pioneer in providing robotics solutions in the marine maintenance industry. It designs and manufactures smart, fully-integrated solutions that help with ship cleaning and maintenance operations. The company’s comprehensive suite of robots includes Curvature Bot, which can help with sand and grit blasting processes. Deployment of robots helps to reduce manpower costs and at the same time improve the workplace safety and health of marine maintenance workers.

Internet Solutions

Hubilo is a hybrid event platform built for engagement and event excellence. Its team of experts and platform of technological innovation help event planners and organizations across the world reimagine the future of events and navigate the ever-changing event landscape. Hubilo provides a virtual venue for organizations to provide an engaging and interactive event experience to their global audience and transform the way people connect, interact, and host events.

IdeaConcert is a creative contents lab that provides a platform for users to create and consume webtoons and comics. Through a combination of content and cultural technology, it aims to foster the feeling of joyfulness in its users. Its concept of “joyful imagination” aims to provide creators with the ability to produce fun and unique content for consumers.

IdeaConcert developed the Authoring Tool “Toonivie” to easily turn webtoons into videos. With just 40 hours of training, anyone can easily make videos. It is possible to make videos 3 times faster than the existing methods of making webtoons/comics into videos. IdeaConcert’s 15 artists can create up to 120 webtoon movies every month (contents made from webtoons). In total, it has produced almost 1,200 episodes.

PInmicro is a global provider of IoT-based Real-Time Location Solutions (RTLS) that range from high-precision BLE and UWB hardware beacons to enterprise-scale cloud-native analytics. Our location intelligence solutions accelerate digital transformation across business domains including retail, education, manufacturing, event management, O2O, facility operations, and smart workspaces. A winner at the 2020 ORIGIN Innovation Awards, Pinmicro’s vision is to help enhance the business performance of our customers by locating, monitoring, and analyzing resources in real-time.

Learn more about ORIGIN Innovation Awards here. Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks.