Malaysia EdTech startup ReSkills EdTech has recently secured a $1.5 million investment from a group of private angel investors led by JSF Platinum to boost growth plans and stabilize its expansion, especially in the Southeast Asian region.

“We firmly believe that education is a basic human right and should be accessible and affordable for everyone. These funds are a testament from the investment community that ReSkills can achieve that mission. With this Covid pandemic, online learning trend had matured into a new dimension as well,” ReSkills EdTech Chief Executive Officer Jin Tan said in a statement.

ReSkills runs collaborations with governments, corporations, universities, colleges, and schools, as well as associations and training providers. Within a year of operations, the platform has empowered over 100,000 registered learners by reskilling and upskilling them — boosting professional and personal growth, career enhancement, and business entrepreneurship learning despite the world being in a state of pandemic crisis.

“We closed the angel round funding deal in October and with it, we hope to enhance and further develop our platform. We will also focus on marketing efforts in terms of user acquisition and recruitment of coaches,” Tan said.

Since its establishment, ReSkills has grown from a handful of coaches to 169 from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and India. The firm has delivered 300 OnLive classes and transacted more than a thousand learning hours in five languages.

“There will certainly be geographical growth as we look to take on more coaches under our wing. Having said that, we also aim to reach out to one hundred million learners by 2025. Further fuelled by current developments, ReSkills looks forward to growing its partnership for entities that look to find synergy in shaping a better online microlearning landscape,” he added.

ReSkills is also eyeing growth in the ReSkills Hubs’ global operations. It was first established in Indonesia in August 2021 followed by the Philippines (September), Thailand and Vietnam (November), and India which will be established in December.

“Our goal is to make online learning highly interactive and led by experts. Learners can gain much more at a lower cost for 365-day subscription access to unlimited learning contents in the platform,” Tan said.

Setting itself apart from other EdTech platforms, ReSkills takes pride in its unique position of providing expert coaches who unanimously agree that learning is an interactive, two-way process where learners should be able to question, seek clarification from, and challenge the instructor. Learning conveniently and efficiently from anywhere anytime is here to stay for the long term.

“Our coaches are carefully handpicked and selected, and learners are assured that only industry leaders and experts become ReSkills coaches. We want our learners to have significant and actionable takeaways from each session so they can use them to improve their lives immediately besides gaining the necessary micro-credentials from ReSkills,

“Most importantly, we hold strong to our tagline ‘Don’t guess’ and we want our learners to know that the fastest way to fail at learning is by assuming. Having interactive sessions enables learners to fill in gaps, not assume, and question the coaches on their understanding and experience. Above all, learners get to gain knowledge at their convenience,” Tan said.

ReSkills is an EdTech company with a 30 working team based in headquarter and 8 working team based at other ReSkills Global Hub focusing on education-based services in Southeast Asia which targets the youths from 15 to young adults aged 35. It is a live-learning platform that allows coaches to build online courses on their preferred topics.

ReSkills also connects aspiring learners to Master Coaches via interactive, real-time online classes. There are numerous ReSkills OnLive courses offered across a breadth of 3 main categories namely; Self Improvement, Career Enhancement, and Business Entrepreneurship. ReSkills OnLive is backed by ReSkills OnTheGo, ReSkills OnDemand, and ReSkills Library.

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