Singapore-based online spiritual wellness company Emerging Vision raised $4 million from its Series A funding round led by Lightspeed.

Having reached $5 million in total funding, Emerging Vision will utilize the resources for enhancing its Guruji and Teller live streaming wellness platforms, as well as scaling the company’s operations, the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Although spiritual services involve centuries-old ancient practices that have existed in myriad forms across countries and religions, the market is highly fragmented and traditionally operates offline. Today’s users–especially Gen Z–now yearn for more seamless and accessible, digital-first approaches to improve their well-being,” said Emerging Founder and Chief Executive Officer Alan Cui.

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Singapore, Emerging Vision said it is redefining the online global spiritual wellness industry via live streaming, which provides users interactive, face-to-face consultations with verified astrologers, tarot readers, life coaches, and mentors. The apps, which are available on either Android (Guruji) or iOS (Teller) devices, are building a new avatar of mental wellness – specifically with the digital-native, Generation Z in mind.

The company’s Guruji and Teller apps provide two primary formats with live streaming features–free live public sessions that allow users to understand the service, and private live sessions with paid users for tailored consultations. Free live sessions on Emerging Vision’s apps operate under a freemium model, whereby users are provided with a paid “call-in” option to initiate a quick consultation to get personal engagement with the astrologers.

Within 18 months of its Android launch and three months of its iOS launch, Emerging Vision had a $6 million annualized revenue run rate, growing at 500 percent year on year. The platform currently has 180,000 consultations per month with around 30 percent of new users returning to consult the app again in the following month, leading to a peak recharge rate of 10 percent among daily active users.

Emerging Vision now has a team of more than 550 verified astrologers from over ten areas of expertise, including astrology, tarot reading, palmistry, and numerology. The company’s artificial intelligence (AI)-driven selecting mechanism acts as incentives for astrologers to provide excellent services, which ensures the quality consistency in users’ experience. EV’s live-streaming technology also empowers astrologers with standardized services that enhance their capabilities.

“Emerging Vision has created a transformative approach towards spiritual wellness at a time where there is fast-growing demand globally for wellness solutions. We are excited to back the Emerging Vision team as it takes its next fundamental steps to expand its platforms across more markets and redefine spiritual wellness globally,” said Akshay Bhushan, Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners.

In addition to expanding its global operations, Emerging Vision also plans to launch its own e-commerce marketplace. This will eventually morph into the first port of call for global users seeking spiritual wellness with offerings focusing on live streaming, consultation, content, and community.

Emerging Vision is a fast-growing startup that builds online spiritual wellness platforms empowered by live streaming and AI technology.

Founded in 2019, Emerging Vision is headquartered in Singapore, with multiple offices in India and the United States.

The startup sets sights on the global market and is devoted to providing excellent tarot reading, mental wellness, meditation, and yoga experience to users from all over the world.

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