NGC Ventures, a Singaporean blockchain investment firm, has just announced the launch of its $20 million strategic investment fund in partnership with the Solana Foundation. With the fund, the company plans to ramp up the development and growth of key blockchain projects within the Solana ecosystem.

Tony Gu, Founding Partner of NGC Ventures, said, “NGC Ventures is committed to supporting the industry’s disruptors of which Solana is a driving force with their unique approach to solving blockchain’s scalability problem. Through our partnership, we aim to enable those building within the Solana ecosystem to follow a similar path, innovating and improving the industry.”

The fund is one of five strategic investment funds that are set to inject $100 million worth of new capital into the Solana ecosystem. The ecosystem is composed of a community of projects and apps that were built on the blockchain founded by former Qualcomm, Intel, and Dropbox engineers. This specific fund marks NGC Ventures’ first strategic investment into Dexlab, a decentralized exchange platform where Solana lists its tokens.

Aside from its Dexlab investment, the firm also plans to work on developing the Solana ecosystem by providing mentorships focused on business development, hiring, treasury, and financial management.

Aside from NGC Ventures, companies such as Huobi,, HashKey, and MATH will all be launching their own respective $20 million funds for Solana.

Roger Lim, Founding Partner of NGC Ventures, said, “We continue to seek innovative projects that leverage blockchain to disrupt their target markets and this partnership will further unlock the potential of the technology. Together, we look forward to investing in projects with practical use cases that solve not only the problems of tomorrow but those that are holding us back today.”

Featured image credits: Unsplash