Bitcoin ETF: A fresh start in crypto investing

At the end of the day, #Bitcoin #ETF represents a fresh start for crypto investing where compliance, security, and most importantly confidence. More #crypto ETFs will follow suit with a stronger focus on investor education and protection, we are only at the beginning of mass adoption.

Crypto firm Metalpha invests in digital solutions provider NextGen Digital Venture

Metalpha Technology Holding Limited (Metalpha), a global crypto-based wealth management company, has invested in NextGen Digital Venture Limited (NextGen), strengthening the existing business partnership that provides institutional investors compliant investment channels for exposure to digital assets.

Crypto industry outlook for 2023: Perspectives from Metalpha CEO Adrian Wang [Q&A]

In a TechNode Global Q&A, Adrian Wang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Metalpha Limited, shared his insights on the challenges and trends the crypto industry encountered particularly in 2022.