Yili’s Vice President Yun Zhanyou Elected to the Board of the International Dairy Federation

CHICAGO, Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On October 15, 2023, The International Dairy Federation (IDF) held its Board of Directors election on the eve of the “2023 IDF World Dairy Summit” in Chicago. Dr. Yun Zhanyou, Vice President of Yili Group, has been elected to the Board of IDF. This appointment makes Dr. Yun one of three representatives from global dairy enterprises.

Dr. Yun elected to the Board of Directors at the IDF General Assembly in Chicago

This year marks the 120th anniversary of the International Dairy Federation’s establishment. The IDF has played a pivotal role in fostering dairy science and technological innovation worldwide and making substantial contributions to the sustainable development of the global dairy industry. With 39 member countries representing 74% of the world’s milk production, the IDF holds unparalleled influence in shaping the industry’s future.

At the heart of the IDF’s governance structure lies the IDF Board of Directors. Comprising nine industry associations and business representatives from member countries, this influential body serves as the primary hub for research, decision-making, and coordination within the IDF.

“I’m honored and proud to be a part of the IDF board of directors, and it comes with a greater sense of responsibility. We’re excited about having closer communication with the global dairy industry and sharing the valuable experiences and accomplishments of Chinese dairy companies in areas like innovation research, digitalization, and sustainable development. Our goal is to work together and create more opportunities, unlocking the boundless potential of the global dairy industry,” said Dr. Yun.

IDF President Piercristiano Brazzale said: “We have just finished the General Assembly where Dr Yun was elected a board member of IDF. This is a very important step for IDF, because knowing the level of innovation and technology out of Yili, that is a leader company in China, will give us a lot of contribution in the work we are doing every day to support the dairy sector around the world. I’m sure we will work a lot together to contribute to the dairy sector and also China’s dairy sector to improve the quality and reward innovation technology.”

Following Dr. Yun’s election, Yili Group is poised to play a more active role in fostering global collaboration. Yili’s commitment to global dairy industry governance has been exemplified by its active involvement in several working committees under the IDF. These committees cover various areas, such as analytical methods for composition, dairy microorganisms, additives and contaminants, dairy science and technology, as well as dairy policies and economics, and so forth. Leveraging its expertise, Yili will share the valuable experiences of Chinese dairy enterprises in digitalization, intelligent technologies, and low-carbon practices during the IDF’s major events, research initiatives, and discussions on critical topics.

As the largest dairy enterprise in the Asian dairy industry, Yili is committed to supporting global industry innovation and seeking further development opportunities. Yili will continue to listen to the needs of consumers worldwide, delivering higher quality products and services and realizing the dream of “World Integrally Sharing Health.”