Viewing the World Through the Window, GTC2023 will give an overview of China Cross-border Globalization Industry

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — According to a report released by Ernst & Young China in May this year, China’s domestic industry-wide outward foreign direct investment reached US$40.47 billion in the first quarter of 2023, a year-on-year increase of 18%.

In recent years, with the trend of globalization, more and more Chinese companies have developed abroad. The overseas market strategy of domestic enterprises can not only activate the exploration path of the enterprise’s second time growth, but also avoid fierce domestic competition. Among the many target countries, especially those with high investment enthusiasm from Chinese enterprises, the settlement of Chinese companies will create more growth and employment opportunities in these countries.

In order to support more Chinese companies quickly establish their business layout, and to build a communication bridge for high-quality overseas companies to access domestic business resources, Beluga Global will hold GTC2023 on December 5 and 6, 2023 (Shenzhen Futian CEC, Hall 7 & 8).

This forum will comprehensively display China’s cross-border overseas achievements through professional exhibitions and conferences. The event will also explore diversified cross-border business and monetization models. We invite every professional and overseas enterprise to attend the provincial capital to jointly explore the possibilities and value of global business.

GTC2023 is coming

Cross-border Globalization Year-End Drama Officially Launch

Beluga Global has successfully held 6-years Global Traffic Conferences. In 2023, the activities will be greatly improved again. The exhibition area was expanded to 15,000 square meters. The event will help practitioners achieve technology, marketing, financing and other needs through a more open and diversified approach, and achieve billions of considerate cross-border Globalization resource matchmaking.

This year’s GTC includes one industry exhibition, four summits, four technical salons, six matchmaking meetings, two industry salons, one high-end closed-door banquet and the Beluga Talent Award ceremony. These exciting contents are distributed in the main venue, three parallel session and two cross-border Globalization industry exhibition areas. The themes of the events involve globalization strategic deployment, market opportunities, industry analysis, market development, etc., covering social entertainment, e-commerce, games, pan-entertainment, technology and other popular fields in the industry.

During the event, there will also be Globalization activities organized by relevant companies. In the form of diversified activities, with powerful publicity reports, a large number of professionals will be invited, and high-end industry resources will be matched to jointly help domestic Globalization companies seize opportunities on the track.

Industry Exhibition

Nearly 200 exhibitors are expected to participate in the GTC2023 industry exhibition area. These exhibitors cover popular industries such as games, applications, technology and brand globalization. This exhibition will help cross-border Globalization practitioners meet their technology, marketing, growth, financing and other resource matchmaking needs in a more open and diversified way. GTC aims to build one of the largest, most extensive and most influential exhibition brands in this field.

Exhibition Stand recruitment is in progress. High-quality companies are welcome to register and participate in the exhibition. We will establish a resource matchmaking and information exchange platform for exhibitors. While jointly creating the annual provincial capital of cross-border Globalization, we will focus on cutting-edge topics in the field.

Four Summits

Four themed summits will be held during the two-day event. The strongest lineup of domestic and foreign companies will exchange experiences at the summit. We sincerely invite well-known masters in the industry to take the stage to share their experience in the gaming, pan-entertainment, DTC brand and cross-border globalization industries. The content covers investment and financing, laws and regulations, game development, platform operations, brand building, etc.

Four Technical Salons

As globalization converges and competition intensifies, how companies build their own technical barriers has long become an important issue that cannot be ignored. This year’s GTC planned four technology-themed salons for technical personnel. They are AIGC Session, Technology Globalization Summit, R&D Efficiency Special Session and WEB3 Session. The four events invited elite experts in the technical field to provide suggestions for the technology research and development of globalization companies and realize technological changes.

Six Matchmaking Meeting

The Global Gaming Matchmaking Meeting has always been an important “link” in GTC activities. So far, Beluga Global has successfully held dozens of this event, serving more than 2,000 game companies.

The content of the game matchmaking meeting in this year’s conference will continue to expand, becoming the largest event with the most comprehensive resources and content in GTC’s history. The event will include four themed sections including novice camp, acceleration camp, efficiency improvement camp and regional market, and four game matchmaking meetings will be held. During the event, roadshows, publishers and investors of high-quality games will gather together.

On the other hand, we have also prepared two “feasts” for non-game Globalization projects. Short video live e-commerce offline matchmaking meeting and Short Drama globalization matchmaking meeting gather diversified track opportunities, seize the annual hot opportunities, and achieve efficient docking of Globalization resources.

Two Industry Salons

The Non-Game Globalization Workshop will discuss topics such as non-game Globalization market trends, opportunity insights and growth. The event invites industry elites to share experiences, exchange information up close, and answer each other’s questions. The event aims to help non-game Globalization practitioners start their own businesses smoothly.

The event will jointly explore the globalization path of technology consumer brands, and will also invite many technology consumer brands to operate, and conduct analysis on technology consumer products to help the majority of technology consumer brands complete the long-term operation layout of globalization.

One High-End Close-door Banque

As the “appetizer” of GTC, the VIP welcome banquet held on the eve of GTC served as a welcome refreshment for more than a hundred elite leaders from gaming, pan-entertainment, e-commerce, capital and other industries who gathered together. This will be a night for in-depth communication and resource sharing. The event will help participants exchange opportunities and connect with high-end contacts.

Beluga Talent Award Ceremony

Beluga Talent Award has been successfully held for four years. The selection scope covers games, pan-entertainment, e-commerce and other industries. A total of 2,000 application materials have been received for the awards, with more than 500 award-winning companies. The fifth Beluga Talent Award in 2023 has 9 major prizes.

The award will continue to focus on popular tracks in cross-border globalization fields such as games, pan-entertainment, and e-commerce. This year, technology and service prizes will also be added. In addition, Award has further improved the review process, aiming to ensure fair review of each prize based on fairness, role model influence, and focus on innovation.

Currently, the investment promotion work for various contents of GTC2023 is in progress. We sincerely invite industry leading brands and talents to attend. As an active member of the cross-border globalization industry, we jointly unite the strength of Chinese Internet companies and look forward to the broad future of China’s cross-border globalization industry.