Yeo & Associates LLC Pioneers a Digital Revolution and Explores AI to Simplify Divorce in Singapore

SINGAPORE, June 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Divorce is known to be an arduous journey that is both emotionally and financially draining. For those looking for a simpler route to a fresh start, Yeo & Associates LLC has launched an upgraded version of a Do-It-Yourself divorce portal,, with step-by-step guidance for users to work on divorce papers.

Since the launch of the portal six years ago, has assisted more than 2500 couples process their uncontested divorces. Users need just 30 minutes to generate divorce papers and save thousands of dollars in legal fees.

The user-friendly interface provides a step-by-step process to gather the information needed to process a divorce application. With templates meticulously crafted by expert family lawyers, they offer wording suggestions based on what the court would deem acceptable.

Helmed by Managing Director, Ms. Beatrice Yeo, and her team of 12 specialist family lawyers, Yeo & Associates LLC has consistently won awards in the best family lawyer category, and has been named a top Singapore divorce law firm more than 20 times. 

With over 20,000 divorce cases under her belt in almost 20 years of practice, her experience complements her passion for justice and commitment to accessible legal services. She shares, “Our drive to innovate stems from our firm belief that the cost of divorce should not hinder individuals from seeking justice.”

The firm continues to improve the portal, currently in the process of exploring the integration of Artificial Intelligence into the portal to personalise guidance and support throughout the divorce journey.

The portal aligns with the firm’s goal of encouraging amicable resolutions to marital disputes. Yeo & Associates LLC empowers clients to pursue uncontested divorces and avoid excessive legal fees by encouraging negotiation and discussion between spouses.

“If a couple seeking divorce can still communicate with each other, they can come to an agreement without coming to lawyers to file a divorce,” Ms. Yeo emphasised. However, the firm has the expertise and experience to offer its professional legal services when individuals need legal advice or when the matter, unfortunately, turns contested.

Their dedication to accessible legal services goes beyond digital solutions. Ms. Yeo pioneered fixed fee structures for divorce proceedings that have since inspired other firms to adopt similar pricing models.

Speaking about the firm’s transparent pricing approach, Ms. Yeo shared, “Family law cannot follow the hourly charge model of commercial lawyers. By following a fixed cost structure, we offer greater predictability and control over legal expenses”.

Yeo & Associates LLC is revolutionising the cost of divorce in Singapore to make justice more accessible and affordable for all. Through innovative digital solutions, the firm is leading the way toward a brighter future for individuals seeking a fresh start.

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About Yeo & Associates LLC

Yeo & Associates LLC is a Singapore-based law firm founded in 2009 and known for its expertise in family law. The firm prides itself in providing clear and cost-effective divorce packages to clients through a fixed fee structure, where possible. With a team of experienced and dedicated lawyers, they are well-equipped to handle the most complex cases.