A Decade of Reforming the Japanese Health Care System: OmiGroup Unveils New Brand Identity and The Pioneer Mission for Japan Digital Healthcare

TOKYO, June 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OmiGroup, a prominent brand, has recently undergone a significant transformation, introducing a refreshed logo and redefined core values. However, amidst these changes, the company remains steadfast in preserving its original spirit and unwavering commitment to providing a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem. With a strong focus on integrating cutting-edge technology services and leveraging their exceptional medical capabilities, OmiGroup aims to establish itself as a leader in the industry. This strategic evolution not only sets them apart from competitors but also reinforces their dedication to delivering holistic healthcare solutions, ensuring the well-being of their customers for years to come.

After 11 years of development, OmiGroup has grown into a conglomerate with over 600 employees and more than 300 healthcare and medical care systems deployed in over 10,000 hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies throughout Japan. In 2020, Ominext (a member unit of OmiGroup) was the sole Vietnamese organization to participate in the implementation and operation of the testing system supporting the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. In addition, leveraging its proficiency and profound expertise in the digital healthcare domain, OmiGroup has effectively executed a project concerning the historical usage of pharmaceuticals in 4,000 drugstores nationwide in Japan. OmiGroup offers a comprehensive range of software testing services, with a specific emphasis on three crucial elements: simplicity, speed, and user satisfaction, catering to the welfare nursing systems that have been in operation for decades in the Japanese market. In Vietnam, OmiGroup has been recognized by the Information Technology Department of the Ministry of Health for its contributions to the development of healthcare information technology.

*(1): Ominext Group JSC., which has been popular for a long time, will change its name to Omi Group JSC. *(2): Of the two Japanese subsidiaries, Omi Japan Co., Ltd. will be the surviving company, and Omi Medical Co., Ltd. will be integrated. *(3): The development center located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will be newly defined and newly established as Ominext JSC. *(4): OMI EUROPE Ltd. is a development company specializing in system development for the EU market. *(5): OmiCare JSC. is a company that provides medical and healthcare services to Vietnam. * : Registration in each country is proceeding sequentially, including plans.

OmiGroup’s founder’s remarkable journey began 23 years ago when, as a university student, he aspired to become a doctor but found his passion in the field of Information Technology. Determined to bridge the gap between technology and healthcare, he pursued a Master’s degree in Data Mining in Japan. In 2012, he founded Ominext (now OmiGroup), initially facing numerous rejections and challenges. Japan’s healthcare system, with its low EMR adoption, unstandardized data, and limited telehealth utilization, presented an opportunity for OmiGroup to make a difference. Their focus on digital healthcare aims to address these issues and cater to the needs of Japan’s aging population.

OmiGroup’s workforce is committed to achieving the goal of having 10 engineers and experts accredited with the nationally recognized Medical Technologist degree in Japan and HL7 FHIR certification by the year 2025. As the year 2023 unfolds, OmiGroup sets its sights on significant expansion, with a strategic plan to augment the Japanese workforce by more than 1,000 skilled professionals in the Healthcare & Medical IT sector. This ambitious endeavor is poised to strengthen the company’s capabilities and reinforce its position as a frontrunner in the industry. In addition to workforce expansion, OmiGroup recognizes the importance of diversifying its service offerings to better serve the evolving needs of the market. Therefore, the company is poised to expand its business scope by providing consulting solutions that assist Japanese enterprises in leveraging the Healthcare & Medical IT market in Vietnam. This strategic expansion will enable OmiGroup to support and guide Japanese companies in navigating the complexities of the Vietnamese market, fostering growth and capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

About OmiGroup:

OmiGroup is a leading provider of digital healthcare solutions, dedicated to bridging the gap between technology and healthcare. With a focus on revolutionizing the healthcare landscape in Japan, OmiGroup develops innovative platforms and technologies that enhance accessibility, streamline processes, and improve patient care. Their unwavering commitment to technological innovation and their passion for healthcare drive their mission to transform the healthcare industry and improve the lives of individuals across Japan.

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