XING Mobility Debuts Next Generation Immersion Cooling Battery, the Game Changer for Electric Vehicles & Utility Power

TAIPEI, Jan. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — XING Mobility, the game-changer for electric vehicles & utility power, today announces its debut at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). XING Mobility will showcase its innovative Cell-to-Pack (CTP) immersion cooling battery system designed for automotives, the IMMERSIO XM25 product already in commercial production, and present the real-sample from the world’s first public demonstration of a three-nail penetration safety test conducted at 100% State of Charge. Following a recent investment from Kubota, a leading manufacturer of agricultural and industrial machinery, XING Mobility’s CES 2024 participation signifies a crucial step into the global automotive market. This move not only provides a safer and more stable alternative for the electrification of worldwide industrial and commercial vehicles, but also enhances the visibility of Made in Taiwan designed products in the global market.

XING Mobility Showcases Three Global Firsts at CES 2024
XING Mobility’s primary focus at this year’s CES will be its IMMERSIO Cell-to-Pack (CTP) immersion cooling battery system, featuring the gravimetric energy density up to 200Wh/kg and the highest volumetric energy density worldwide, reaching 400Wh/L. The globally-ever-achieved specification shall allow passenger vehicles being equipped with larger capacity of battery with almost the same space, resolving the range anxiety for drivers. This innovative design eliminates battery modules, reducing the overall weight of the battery while retaining the precise thermal management coordination, thereby enhancing the overall energy density of the battery system and extending the lifespan of battery cells. Recently, XING Mobility introduced a new Cell-to-Chassis (CTC) immersion cooling battery system design, allowing for curation based on the specific requirements of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles.

XING Mobility’s latest Cell-to-Chassis (CTC) design allows customization based on the specific requirements of passenger and commercial vehicles.

The globally first at-large production immersion cooling battery system, the immersion cooling module of IMMERSIO XM25, will also make its debut at CES 2024. Its manufacturing process has undergone rigorous testing in reliability, environmental, vibration, and leakage, ensuring the battery’s highest quality stability, safety, and efficient power output. This immersion cooling battery system is not only applicable to heavy-duty industrial applications, but also extends to applications in Energy Storage Systems (ESS), significantly improving the thermal management endurance of lithium batteries in commercial, residential, and industrial uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems to ensure stable and safe energy storage.

XING Mobility will also showcase a real sample and video of the successful challenge of the most rigorous and complex three-nail penetration safety test at 100% State of Charge in lithium battery safety testing. The thermal runaway was contained by the immersion cooling battery system; no fire propagation occurred. The test demonstrated the unparalleled safety and stability of immersion cooling technology.  This advanced technology can control the temperature of the punctured and surrounded batteries within 30 seconds, actively suppressing thermal runaway and restoring the temperature around the battery to normal levels within 20 seconds.

“XING Mobility, with its exclusive immersion cooling battery technology and products, makes its debut at CES 2024, officially marking our entry into the American market,” stated Royce YC Hong, Co-founder & CEO of XING Mobility. “As a global pioneer in immersion cooling battery technology, XING Mobility has developed the first Taiwanese-designed high-voltage battery system for vehicles, leading the development and production of high-voltage battery systems in Taiwan. We are committed to providing a safer and more stable choice for battery thermal management to the global market, rewriting the safety norm for industrial electrification, and realizing a globally high-efficiency sustainable future.”

Accumulating Rich Overseas Experience, XING Mobility Expands its Overseas Market Presence
Entering the U.S. market is another significant overseas market deployment for XING Mobility following its investment from Kubota and plans for more collaborative projects worldwide. This follows the U.S. government enacting the Inflation Reduction Act, allocating $369 billion over the decade for energy security and climate change, incentivizing the U.S. to accelerate its net-zero carbon efforts. Research firm IDTechEx predicts that the value of the electric construction machinery market will grow to approximately $150 billion by 2043. XING Mobility aligns with this trend, actively introducing immersion cooling technology into the U.S. markets for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, industrial machinery, energy storage systems, and actively seeking cooperation opportunities with potential dealers in the U.S. to accelerate the realization of a new era of global electrification.

Since its founding, XING Mobility has focused on establishing a global patent layout in the field of immersion cooling battery technology, currently holding over 30 patents in major automotive markets worldwide. In 2023, XING Mobility launched a groundbreaking CTP immersion cooling battery system, with the highest volume energy density globally achievable for automotive battery packs and recently introduced a new CTC design, allowing for customization in different application scenarios.

XING Mobility will showcase its products and technology at LVCC West Hall Booth 6857 during CES 2024. Meanwhile, Ida Wu, General Manager of XING Mobility will participate in the “The Future of EV Batteries is Big” seminar on January 10 from 10:00-10:40 at LVCC West Hall W219. The seminar will discuss the potential of electric vehicle batteries, how to overcome challenges posed by materials and costs while breaking the size limitations, as well as trends in electric vehicle batteries.

About XING Mobility
XING Mobility, a global pioneer in immersion cooling battery technology, was founded in Taiwan in 2015. XING Mobility has developed the world’s only patented IMMERSIO immersed cooling battery system, which can be applied to a wide range of electric vehicles and energy storage systems, creating a stable and safe thermal management solution for battery systems, and providing a safer and more reliable option for the industrial energy transition. With more than 20 multinational partners and customers, and dozens of vehicle electrification projects and energy storage system projects around the world, we are committed to expanding our immersed cooling battery technology and working with our global partners to realize a sustainable future.

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