3i to Showcase Novel Smart Appliances at CES 2024

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — 3i, a premium smart appliance brand specializing in advanced home appliances powered by artificial intelligence and innovative applications, is poised to make a grand entrance at CES 2024. During the event, the brand will be unveiling two revolutionary products that are the first-of-its-kind and set to redefine industry standards.

3i to Showcase Novel Smart Appliances at CES 2024

“3i’s strategic plan for 2024 places significant emphasis on penetrating the international market, so we have selected CES 2024 as the launchpad for this ambitious endeavor,” said Zexiao Wu, Vice President of 3i. “We will be presenting two innovative products at the event. Our objective for this exhibition is not only to enhance brand awareness but also to invite potential partners, no matter organizations or individuals, to explore opportunities for collaboration with us.”

3i epitomizes the fundamental values of imagination, innovation, and intelligence, serving as the bedrock of the brand. The brand’s philosophy, “First or Ever,” encapsulates an unwavering commitment to spearheading innovation and crafting unique solutions. At the core of 3i is a robust engineering culture, with a predominant focus on problem-solving. The dedicated team at 3i invests significant time and resources into research and development, fostering continuous product enhancement and the pursuit of unparalleled solutions. This strategic focus is crucial for 3i to craft products that are unprecedented in their categories, setting new benchmarks in innovation and quality.

3i’s research and development team, which is composed of over 70% engineers, is dedicated to understanding and addressing the core needs of users. The team operates with the guiding principles to explore, to create, to optimize, and to practice. These tenets shape their approach, influencing their behavior as they strive to develop advanced, cutting-edge technology, and create trailblazing tech home appliances that liberate individuals from the constraints of household chores.

The two innovative products that 3i is set to unveil at its inaugural CES appearance, the 3i Intelligent Cleaning Station and the 3i Intelligent Cat Litter Box, are prime examples of such products. Both are the world’s first in their respective categories, directly addressing previously unresolved user pain points. Targeting markets in the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asian nations including Singapore, the Middle East region, and Russia, these two products are slated for a global launch in 2024.

Interested attendees can visit 3i’s booth at booth 50955 during CES 2024, taking place in Las Vegas between January 9th and 12th, to learn more about these innovative products and have a hands-on experience.

About 3i

3i, a premium smart appliance brand, embodies the essence of its brand philosophy “First or Ever” by creating innovative technical masterpieces that have never been seen before. The brand’s mission is to leverage the wisdom of a world-class engineering team to create unprecedented technological masterpieces. Powered by this engineering prowess, 3i develops unique, first-of-their-kind products that address real-life issues.

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