World’s Deepest Mining Site Trusted Oizom’s Real-Time Air Quality Monitors for Maintaining Occupational Health & Safety

AHMEDABAD, India, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a pivotal move to elevate occupational health, safety, and environmental standards, Oizom has successfully deployed its real-time air quality monitor – Dustroid – at the world’s deepest gold undermine South Africa. Oizom is a leading global company in environmental monitoring solutions with over 2000 devices installed to cater to various industries.

Managing Health and Safety at Mines

The gold mine, distinguished by its Guinness World Record for staggering depth, has daily operations that see over 4000 miners excavating more than 5400 metric tonnes of rock. Such an expansive operation inevitably leads to massive dust generation.

When combined with the mine’s notably high temperatures, this dust can severely compromise the air quality, posing respiratory hazards to the miners. This could impact their long-term health, diminishing their quality of life.

Ensuring the air miners breathe is of the best quality isn’t just good practice—it’s essential.

Remember when miners used Canary birds to know the air quality on mining sites? Thankfully, those days are behind us.

With Oizom’s Dustroid, we are not just talking about an upgrade; it’s a game-changer. Imagine a device that doesn’t falter, even with particulate matter concentrations of up to 30,000 ug/m3 or when temperatures rise above 40°C. Dustroid offers more than just readings, it gives us a clear picture by breaking down the various gases detected within the dust. With automated dust suppression systems, you can automate sprinklers or other techniques to take quick actions and avoid potential hazards.

With the accurate data insights offered by our dust monitoring system, the mine has been able to implement preventive measures, reducing potential health risks for the miners. Reflecting on this landmark collaboration, Jainam Mehta, CBO of Oizom, commented, “We are immensely proud to see Dustroid making such a profound impact in one of the world’s most challenging mining environments. Our mission has always been to create safer, more sustainable workspaces, and this partnership reiterates the capabilities and commitment of Oizom’s solutions.”

In an industry where atmospheric conditions directly impact operational efficiency and safety, Oizom stands out as the beacon of transformative change by providing accurate real-time air quality monitoring in mines.

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Jainam Mehta – CBO at Oizom