The Timeless Frontier: NUU’s New A Series Lineup Packs In the Best of Both Worlds with Past-Future Tech Synergy

The daring new smartphone lineup reviving repairability and modernizing it with a sleek coat of AI camera magic

DALLAS, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Forward-thinking, budget-friendly smartphone company NUU has just launched 3 exclusive handhelds which make up its brand-new A Series lineup. Each device represents part of a unique vision that blends together the best elements of past and present smartphones.

NUU’s new A Series lineup featuring the A15, A25 and A23 Plus

The A Series Story: Giving A Voice to the Consumer

After analyzing the smartphone market, company founder Danny Sit realized, “Customers are very vocal about two specific aspects of the smartphone industry. First is that smartphones are growing more expensive each year and second is that even basic smartphone repairs are almost impossible for the average consumer.”

The A Series was born as a direct answer to these two common grievances. Sit explains, “Our A15 and A25 models pack in powerful specs and flagship features at a price point that’s well below what the average American spends on a smartphone each year, while our A23 Plus puts basic repairability, durability and longevity back into the hands of the customer.”

Flagship Features Without Breaking the Bank

Though flagship phones get much of the attention, less than 10% of American consumers are spending over $1,000 on their smartphones.

To address this, each phone in NUU’s A Series lineup is affordable even on a tight budget. The MSRP of the A23 Plus is $79.99, the A15 is $109.99 and the A25 is $169.99. Despite the competitive price points, NUU still packs in features that are often touted on much higher-priced smartphones.

Such features include the A25’s Mediatek G99 chip that’s optimized for gaming, the A15 and A25’s AI cameras that enhance photography, the A25’s AMOLED FHD+ 120hz screen that brings media to life, an under-screen fingerprint scanner on the A25 and USB-C across the range!

Embracing the Repairable Revolution

In 2021, almost every single state proposed a right-to-repair bill. To NUU, this represented a clear nationwide demand for the return of ‘legacy’ features that were once commonplace across the smartphone landscape. Sit recalls, “I remember when even flagship phones had removable backs and batteries. Why not bring this feature back?”

The A23 Plus marks the beginning of NUU’s journey into creating repairable smartphones. By bringing back classic features like a removable back and battery, users can easily replace these components and increase their device’s longevity while reducing e-waste.

Camera Innovation Through the Lens of AI

NUU’s A15 and A25 cameras both utilize a 50-megapixel sensor that comes inbuilt with AI tech. This tech – that’s often reserved for higher-end flagship devices – can recognize 12 different objects and scenes, bringing every treasured memory to life in crisp, high-resolution detail.


The A25 comes in 2 color options: Jet Black and Champagne Gold. The A15 comes in 2 color options: Dark Purple and Pure White. The A23 Plus comes in black.

The new A Series lineup is officially available for pre-order on September 26th, 2023, from their respective web pages.

A23 Plus:

Spec Sheets

Model: A25
Display: 6.7″ AMOLED, Pin-hole FHD+, 120Hz
Dimensions: 163.8*76.3*7.96mm
Cameras: Front: 8MP FF, Rear: 50MP AF+2MP(Macro)+0.08MP with LED Flash
System: Mediatek Helio G99
Memory: 6GB Memory, 128GB Storage, Micro-SD (up to 1TB)
Battery: 5000mAh
OS: Android 13

Model: A15
Display: 6.517″ IPS, Droplet, HD+, 90Hz
Dimensions: 164.5*76*8.95mm
Cameras: Front: 5MP FF; Rear: 50MP AF + VGA  FF with LED Flash
System: Mediatek Helio G36
Memory: 4GB Memory, 128GB Storage, Micro-SD (up to 1TB)
Battery: 4180mAh
OS: Android 13

Model: A23 Plus
Display: 6.3″ IPS Panel, HD+, 60hz
Dimensions: 160.75*75*9.95mm
Cameras: Front: 5MPx FF, Rear: 8MPx AF 0.08MPx with LED Flash
System: Mediatek Helio A22
Memory: 3GB Memory, 64GB Storage, Micro-SD (up to 128GB)
Battery: 3850mAh
OS: Android 13

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