With outstanding global coordination, Tranter helps drive a more sustainable future. Supporting a Waste-to-energy combined heat and power plant with welded heat exchangers

HILDESHEIM, Germany, Sept. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With a global commitment to always deliver innovative and customized solutions based on the customers’ needs, Tranter recently took on an order consisting of three (3) NovusBloc® welded heat exchangers in stainless steel to be installed in a Waste-to-energy combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Stockholm, Sweden.

The CHP plant where the NovusBloc® heat exchangers will be installed was originally built to produce heat and power from fossil fuels and will now be converted to a biofuel where the heat exchangers play an important role. The plant conversion to biofuel enables Stockholm city to support its fossil-fuel-free goal by 2030.

The NovusBloc® heat exchangers were manufactured in in South Korea and approved according to PED with CE-marking for use in Europe. The Tranter facility in Vänersborg, Sweden, handled the project execution and successfully delivered the NovusBloc® heat exchangers to the plant in Stockholm according to plan.

“With the customer being based in Germany, for an upgrade project in Stockholm, Sweden, our coordination work between our sales teams in Germany and Sweden, addressed the customer’s concerns of having products manufactured in South Korea, far away from the customer and the site. Our coordination work as a true global supplier of plate heat exchangers made the difference of making the customer comfortable with the project schedule. Our ability to work across the continents with ease and the two-side accessibility feature of the NovusBloc® made the win for Tranter on this project.” says Thomas Cassirer, Director EPC & Global Energy.  

The NovusBloc® heat exchangers will be used as condensers and heat recovery for the boiler upgrade needed for the modification of the Waste-to-energy combined heat and power (CHP) plant.  

Thomas Cassirer continues: “We have several products that would fit this specific application, but the NovusBloc® was the product that addressed the customer’s needs the most, with reliable gasket-free design for high operating temperatures along with full accessibility on both the hot and cold side. What also make this project extra rewarding is that we were able to support the plan creating a more sustainable world.”

Tranter’s sales team in Germany, with Sesto Colella, Senior Sales manager Energy, focuses on emerging technologies within the energy segment and was the responsible sales manager for this project. He sees an increased need for compact, reliable, and efficient heat exchangers in the current energy transition market in Europe.      

Madeleine Sestan Bach
Global Marketing Manager
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