‘Love Beijing’ Short-video Contest Launched

BEIJING, Sept. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The fourth edition of the highly anticipated “100 Reasons to Love Beijing” short-video contest was launched on Wednesday, with creative talents from around the world expected to share their perspectives and stories about the vibrant capital. The launch ceremony was held in the Summer Palace on Wednesday evening with bright moon- light bathing the event, which was held two days before this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival.


Foreign experts, students and Chinese guests attended the launch ceremony, sharing their experiences of and attachment to the modern city and its long history.

Xu Hejian, director of the Beijing Municipal Information Office, said in just three years the competition had become a remarkable success, with a staggering number of participants. The contest has garnered nearly 6,000 short-video submissions, and inspired the creative minds of more than 3,000 international contestants, he said.

Liu Weiling, deputy editor-in-chief of China Daily, emphasized the power of the short videos and illustrations in showcasing Beijing’s special allure.

“Through the collection of these media formats, we hope to provide more foreign friends with an opportunity to personally experience the splendor of Beijing, while also sharing its unique charm with an even broader audience both domestically and internationally,” Liu said.

China Daily featured its well- known video show Potside Chats at the launch, with three foreign hosts sharing their experiences and views of Beijing while tasting traditional Chinese food including roast duck, sugarcoated haws and noodles with soybean paste.

Stephanie Stone, Erik Nilsson and Jennifer Holstein named key words to express their feelings about Beijing, such as “convenience”, “safety”, “community” and “choices”.

“Community has been, by far, the most gratifying thing about living in Beijing,” said Stone. “There are good people everywhere and creative people everywhere. All these amazing creatives from around the world have somehow found their way to Beijing and connected.”

Nilsson said he loved raising his children in Beijing, while Holstein expressed how great it was to be able to return home at midnight without worrying about her own safety.

The theme of this year’s contest is “In Beijing”, allowing contestants to delve into the multifaceted essence of the city and depict their personal encounters and discoveries. To participate, individuals can submit their video entries at the web address, http://bj100.spotlightbeijing.com, as well as via China Daily’s new media platform.