Waton Securities International Hong Kong Headquarters Relocates: Embarking on a New Journey to the Future

HONG KONG, June 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On June 6, 2023, Waton Securities International Limited (hereafter “Waton Securities”) officially relocated its Hong Kong headquarters to Suites 3605-06, 36th Floor, Tower 6, The Gateway, Harbour City, Kowloon. Over the course of the three-day open house event, guests flocked in droves to attend, and prominent figures from the financial industry graced the occasion with their presence, breathing new life into Waton Securities’ relocation.

Founded in Hong Kong in 1989, Waton Securities holds licenses 1/4/5/9 issued by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, boasting 33 years of experience in the securities industry. Waton Securities’ core businesses encompass securities brokerage, asset management, investment consulting, and one-stop SaaS (Broker Cloud) services for the securities industry. To date, Waton has served over 20 licensed financial institutions domestically and abroad, with clients spanning more than 10 countries worldwide and processing trading volumes exceeding billions of HKD annually.

Waton Securities’ CEO, Kai Zhou, remarked, “Against the backdrop of the burgeoning global demand for financial digitization, Waton Securities is committed to leveraging technology solutions to lower IT costs for financial institutions, enhance efficiency, and fortify risk management.” Firmly rooted in Hong Kong’s fertile financial landscape and attuned to evolving trends, Waton Securities has launched the Broker Cloud service, which has been implemented in dozens of licensed financial institutions and has emerged as a model driving the development of financial technology in the Hong Kong market.

“Broker Cloud” is a comprehensive enterprise cloud service solution developed by Waton Securities for its peers in the securities industry. Its aim is to empower clients to acquire the complete set of IT systems required by the industry with minimal groundwork and capital investment, comprising digital back-end (customer order management), middle-end (customer information management), front-end (APP+H5), and supporting clearing and settlement services.

Waton Securities is the sole Broker Cloud service provider on the Amazon Cloud AWS marketplace. Going forward, Waton Securities will remain steadfast in its commitment to empowering traditional finance with innovative technology, exporting China’s leading internet technology and comprehensive service solutions overseas. Sustaining its extant client base is a precondition for Waton Securities to gradually penetrate into markets such as Europe and Southeast Asia. Services to overseas brokerage in the future will be one of Waton Securities’ pivotal stages.

Kai Zhou and Waton Securities International’s vision have remained unaltered: in the past decade, Hong Kong’s securities industry has empowered China to invest overseas, and in the next decade, Waton Securities will facilitate the global investors to invest China.