VentureBlick Launches Global Search for Healthcare Startups ‘Most Endorsed by the Medical Community’

SINGAPORE, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — VentureBlick, a fundraising platform matching healthcare startups with medical investors, has launched its worldwide search to identify promising healthcare startups for the medical community to evaluate, advise, and fund. Only startups that receive endorsement from a large group of medical professionals with relevant domain expertise will have the chance to raise funds through the platform.

VentureBlick launches global search for healthcare startups ‘most endorsed by the medical community’

For healthcare startups, many of their ultimate customers are medical professionals – physicians, clinicians, and healthcare industry professionals – who could also be their investors and advisors. The platform enables the global medical community to evaluate medical investment opportunities in a systematic, large-scale, and cross-border manner. The fundraising process doubles up as a market validation process, providing startups funding, market insight, and customer validation in one go.

The Healthcare Startup Search takes place till January 4, 2023 at It’s open to early-stage startups with innovative solutions for all segments of healthcare and are seeking to raise up to US$5M. After screening and due diligence, shortlisted startups will be showcased on VentureBlick’s fundraising platform when it launches in early 2023. Once the startups achieve a certain level of investment from medical investors, participation will be open to general investors – accredited investors, who are keen on investing in healthcare but do not have medical background. VentureBlick’s unique mechanism provides additional access, as well as enhances both the quality and volume of investment for the healthcare industry.

Chris Lee, Founder & CEO of VentureBlick, who is a top global healthcare executive previously with Medtronic, Bayer, BMS, and MSD, said: “After months of preparation, we are finally ready to kick off this global search. We want to give the most promising startups the spotlight they deserve and match them to healthcare professionals who are interested in investing in and nurturing them. Our goal is to connect startups to the right people and the right resources, so that they get things right in the shortest time possible. This is especially important before they start their long development journey.”

The first 10 startups to be shortlisted from this search will receive a marketing pack worth US$10,000, which includes support to help them optimize their pitch deck, produce a video, and polish their pitch narratives before they are presented to investors. This is in addition to the funding they may receive when showcased on the VentureBlick platform.

About VentureBlick

VentureBlick aims to transform healthcare fundraising through its fundraising platform and professional community. It matches early-stage healthcare startups with medical investors– the startups’ potential customers – who can validate ideas, support, and fund, without diluting startup control. Its professional community also provides advisory services, network opportunities, and need-based operational services to help startups grow.

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