Appetizer, a cloud-based platform where superior Korean APIs are now available

Appetizer fascinates the global users of SaaS API. Simplifying development process and developing innovative services with superior Korean SaaS API!

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Superior Korean software-as-a-service (SaaS) APIs are recently attracting attention all around the world such as an API enabling animation production using motion capture and AI technology, an API cutting down ESG management costs by 95% using a digital solution, and an API serving as a global business cooperation tool to increase business productivity. Such superior Korean APIs are available on API marketplace Appetizer, drawing interest of global SaaS API users. Appetizer is a cloud-based platform for Korean SaaS APIs and was developed by NAVER Cloud and Korea Software Industry Association with an aim of advancing into a global market and cultivating domestic API companies.

Appetizer (API Marketplace) presents a range of superior Korean APIs across industries from economy to media, business and finance. Among them, we met with prominent Korean API companies that are consolidating foothold for advance into a global market.

Representative Lee Junho of Plask that has an API that enables animation production using motion capture and AI technology without requiring equipment, studio or actors said, “I hope Appetizer can give us an opportunity to meet with various corporate clients so that many users can find us and automation in media entertainment can be achieved”. If you wish to increase animation production efficiency spatially, economically or in time-wise, try Plask’s API for Animation Production with a Few Clicks.

Representative Kim Jongwoong of i-ESG, an official in-house venture of POSCO International, who developed an API that provides companies with a big data-based customized SaaS service specializing in environmental, social and governance (ESG) said, “We prepared an ESG-specialized integrated management solution that provides diagnosis, public notice, feedback and trend analysis reflecting fast-changing internal and external environments, not to mention minimizes cost burden of companies struggling with responding and internalizing ESG based on interview with companies”. If you have trouble with regards to ESG, we highly recommend using i-ESG’s ESG-Specialized Digital Integrated Management Solution API which is usable without prior knowledge or experience.

“We focus on openness and interoperability in developing Rocket Work to present jobs to do and manage in an organized manner”, the representative Choi Hyuk-soo of Mycroft who developed a business cooperation tool, Rocket Work that elevates business productivity by improving approach to jobs and innovating the implementation structure of jobs said, If you need a business cooperation tool that is applicable anywhere in many countries for an organized job viewing, try Mycroft’s Rocket Work on Appetizer.

Meanwhile, a wide range of APIs are listed on Appetizer by industry, including economy, politics, culture and health such as Data B (AI English document correction service “Pcanpi”), STEPPAY (subscription-specialized platform), Giftpack (AI-based recommendation system), Sentience (game user and mental analysis service TentuPlay, HASHSCRAPER (data processing, analysis and visualization system), WINNING.I (contactless biometrics), and Smart Diagnosis (iris-based biometrics measuring AI system).

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