UST Collaborates with Intel and SAP to Digitize the Industry 4.0 Journey for Malaysian SMEs

Leading global tech firms help make cutting edge innovation more accessible to Malaysian businesses and entrepreneurs

PENANG, Malaysia, Dec. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — UST, a leading digital transformation solutions company, has announced a collaboration with Intel and SAP to assess and enable the Industry 4.0 digital transformation journey for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in northern Malaysia. The collaboration will further accelerate the transformation of local businesses into ‘intelligent enterprises’, empowering them to deliver the streamlined and automated Industry 4.0 experiences necessary to thrive in a modern growth-oriented economy.

The technological innovation of Industry 4.0 has created exciting new opportunities for manufacturers, who are embracing new solutions such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning. Industry 4.0 is already transforming how companies manufacture, improve and distribute their products. Manufacturers are integrating new technologies, including Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and analytics, AI, and machine learning into their production facilities and throughout their operations. However, according to data from the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM), Industry 4.0 adoption amongst Malaysian firms sits at less than one percent. This is significantly behind international standards, creating a gap that must be overcome if Malaysian firms are to remain competitive in the long term.

The collaboration combines the resources of prominent market leaders across a range of sectors including industry domains, processes and technology. As part of the partnership, UST, Intel and SAP will collaborate to establish a Customer Experience center at a local UST Innovation Lab that will help share ideas on digitizing customized solutions. In addition, the UST Innovation Lab will host a cutting-edge experience center where SMEs can receive consultation and transformation plans for their businesses.

There is significant demand in Malaysia’s Northern Corridor for innovation-oriented solutions which enhance productivity, create jobs and offer upskilling opportunities necessary to make the region a preferred manufacturing hub. By leveraging UST ‘Innovation Labs’, it is possible to accelerate idea development utilizing globally connected infrastructure, platforms, tools and teams.

“This high-profile collaboration will unite industry leaders in the hardware and software sectors to accelerate the development of meaningful Industry 4.0 solutions. By working together, all three companies will contribute towards achieving the essential business goals of Malaysian SMEs while helping them plan for the future,” said Amar Chhajer, Country Head Malaysia, UST.

Both Intel and SAP are dedicated to working with UST to accelerate the rollout of Industry 4.0 systems and solutions. Intel has established itself as a market leader by providing an extensive ecosystem of secure and scalable building blocks for industrial IoT solutions that bring intelligence to operating assets and reveal insights from data. Intel Xeon, Core & Atom based Industrial PCs & IoT devices, Intel Vision products & Movidius VPUs, are a few of the wide solutions and technologies from Intel for industrial IoT. Similarly, SAP works to develop innovations which bridge the physical and digital worlds to make intelligent and autonomous systems possible. By partnering with these dynamic companies, UST is making it possible for enterprises to realize the full benefits of next generation technology.

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