EASY AI Shows AI Pork Grading Technology Across All Breeds

Development of the world’s first AI grading technology applicable for all pig breeds

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Medicisoft has announced its successful development of a new technology in ‘pork AI grading’ that can be applied for all pig breeds through its independent technology of ‘EASY AI Image Vision Differentiation’.

[EASY AI] Pork Grading AI Solution

The EASY AI Pork Grading Solution is a system that determines the final grade (1+, 1, etc.) based on the analysis of pork part images by the AI in real-time after the intelligent AI cameras capture the images in the slaughter house and the AI collection system collects high-quality images of pig carcasses.

The previously used grading equipment filmed pig carcasses from 3m away, but the newly developed intelligent AI camera can film the carcasses from 1.5m away and this significantly improved work space efficiency. Medicisoft personnel explained that this technology is competitive in the sense that it can be used regardless of environmental conditions in slaughter houses with less space. This technology was developed through the efforts of outstanding talent from various countries and it was developed to target the global market.

EASY AI grading technology can be applied for all pig breeds. The technology has caught the eyes of the industry due to its AI grading accuracy being over 99% regardless of pig breeds. This technology can significantly reduce the time consumed for the grading process which traditionally relied on the visual inspection of the meat quality evaluators in the past and this is expected to yield over 50% improvement in work productivity and maintenance cost reduction.

Medicisoft stated that this technology is equipped with high efficiency and accuracy and it will provide safe meat to people across the planet and revamp the livestock industry.

EASY AI from Medicisoft is a leader of AI technology in Korea and the team consists of AI/SW experts with master’s degrees and Ph. D., and the company is also recruiting outstanding talents from overseas mainly from Southeast Asia to continue its preparations to grow into a global ICT company. The company also actively provides support for AI technology transfer in other fields through AI implementation consulting and education services, and the well-known example for this is the public facility (special bridge) AI safety management technology.

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