U Power Limited Introduces UOTTA, Revolutionizing EV Battery Swapping

SHANGHAI, March 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Youxu New Energy, a subsidiary of U Power Limited focusing on renewable energy solutions, has unveiled the UOTTA™ intelligent battery swapping system, providing power battery swapping solutions for a range of vehicles, including heavy trucks, light trucks, buses, taxis, etc. Currently, the battery swapping technology for light four-wheeled electric vehicles (EVs) and two-wheeled EVs is undergoing market validation in China. The company plans to collaborate with partners across Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Europe to bring this service to local courier companies.

The battery swapping and sharing technology for two-wheeled and light four-wheeled EVs involves the use of identical battery cells and packaging methods. The battery packs for both EV models are stored in a single battery swapping station (BSS), from which customers can take a single battery module for two-wheeled EVs and two to four modules for light four-wheeled EVs when they need to swap batteries. The battery swapping process is straightforward and user-friendly: the user only needs to verify their identity at the BSS using their mobile phone and then follows the prompts to access and swap their batteries.

With the launch of the UOTTA™ technology,  Youxu New Energy has successfully addressed the challenges of interoperability between light four-wheeled EVs, two-wheeled EVs, BSSs and battery packs, allowing for the unified remote management of the UOTTA™ cloud platform. For customers, as long as their EVs are internet-enabled, they can access the system to identify the location of the nearest BSS, choose the best route to get there, and even reserve battery packs in advance. This functionality ensures the delivery of a faster and more efficient battery-swapping service.

The battery swapping and sharing technology for two-wheeled and light four-wheeled EVs is poised to significantly benefit courier companies by providing them with more convenient and cost-effective options for building electric transportation fleets. By purchasing or leasing two-wheeled and light four-wheeled EVs without batteries, and leasing batteries for these EVs based on a monthly or annual plan, these firms can save up to 30% in vehicle acquisition costs compared to previous purchasing methods. This approach also enables courier companies to save on the costs and time associated with charging without being concerned about battery degradation over time. As a result, the battery swapping model can help delivery service providers enhance operational efficiency and lower operating expenses.

With the continuous evolution of battery technologies, U Power Limited foresees the broadening application of the battery swapping and sharing technology to a wider range of vehicle models. The firm also anticipates the technology to increase the attractiveness of the battery swapping model, especially for commercial transport vehicles.