ICP Hub Singapore to Showcase at Summit X 2024: Unveiling Innovations at Premier Exhibition Booth

SINGAPORE, March 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ICP Hub Singapore is thrilled to announce its participation at the forefront of Summit X 2024, set to take place on 5th March 2024 at the Raffles City Convention Ballroom, Singapore. With the conference rallying under the banner “Where Smart Capital Meets Innovators,” ICP Hub Singapore will not only contribute through thought leadership with speaker Aaron Ting but also through an interactive exhibition booth, offering attendees a firsthand experience of their latest innovations and technological advancements.

ICP Hub Singapore to Showcase at Summit X 2024: Unveiling Innovations at Premier Exhibition Booth

Aaron Ting, a pivotal figure in ICP Hub Singapore, joins an esteemed panel discussing “CBDCs Global Financial Markets in Blockchain World, Real World Assets (RWA) & Payments,” alongside other luminaries such as Dr. Sabrina Tachdjian and Wang Hao. This panel promises insightful deliberations on the future of finance and blockchain, moderated by Manoj Vembu.

Elevating Tech Discourse at Summit X 2024

The Summit is a beacon for global thought leaders, where innovation meets smart capital. ICP Hub Singapore’s exhibition booth will serve as a cornerstone for attendees to explore groundbreaking technologies and engage with the minds behind them. This presence underscores ICP Hub Singapore’s commitment to driving innovation and fostering sustainable growth across Southeast Asia’s dynamic tech landscape.

TechStorm: Amplifying Dreams and Thought Leadership

As part of our extended community, TechStorm, Southeast Asia’s leading media and entertainment network, champions the mega trends shaping our world today. From big business and capital to deep tech, entrepreneurship, esports, and Korean Kpop music, TechStorm’s influence spans a vast media and entertainment portfolio. In collaboration with icons like Timothy Draper, TechStorm is a pivotal force in series like “Meet the Drapers” and “Shark Tank,” reaching millions across 11 markets.

A Confluence of Ideas and Innovation

Summit X 2024, with its theme “Where Smart Capital Meets Innovators,” is the perfect stage for ICP Hub Singapore and TechStorm to showcase their contributions to the tech ecosystem. The event heralds a new era of collaboration and innovation, featuring discussions on gender diversity, sustainability, and economic development, aligning with International Women’s Day celebrations.

Join Us at Summit X 2024

We invite all attendees to visit the ICP Hub Singapore exhibition booth to witness the forefront of technological innovation and to engage in meaningful discussions that will shape the future of our industries. For more information on Summit X 2024 and to register, please visit Summit X 2024 Registration. Link for Summit X 2024 here – https://www.techstorm.tv/summitx-2024/

About ICP Hub Singapore

ICP Hub Singapore stands at the vanguard of technology and innovation, fostering a thriving ecosystem for innovators and entrepreneurs. Our mission is to catalyze the development of cutting-edge technology, driving digital transformation and sustainable growth in Southeast Asia.

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