Two iQIYI-presented films triumphed at the 36th China Golden Rooster Awards

iQIYI shares its embracing of multi-line distribution at the event

BEIJING, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — iQIYI, an innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China, announced that two iQIYI-presented films, Off the Stage, and Kong and Jigme, were honored at the 36th Golden Rooster Awards held on November 4th in Xiamen, Fujian province. Off the Stage received the award for Best Actress, while Kong and Jigme was awarded the Best Small and Medium Budget Film. iQIYI also expressed its support for the emerging multi-line film distribution model in China at a forum affiliated with the awards ceremony.

The film Off the Stage is a screen adaptation of AI Wei’s novel An Everlasting Life. The plot revolves around a former Shaoxing Opera star celebrated in her youth for playing Off the Stage. In her twilight years, battling health issues, she returns home in hopes of a final reunion with her three children, while an unexpected event gradually unveils hidden truths from her past.

HE Saifei is exhilarated to have been awarded the Best Actress for starring in Off the Stage

The film Kong and Jigme tells the story of Kong who ventures to Xizang Autonomous Region for the first time for work, and his evolving relationship with the local resident Jigme. What starts as a story of conflicts gradually transforms into a tale of mutual understanding, resulting in a lifelong friendship.

GONG Yu, Founder and CEO of iQIYI, said at the event that Chinese films are on the rise due to improved quality and changing aesthetics. This trend is not limited to new releases in theaters but also reflects increasing attention from online audiences.

Gong also said viewers are increasingly watching movies online while they are returning to the cinema, as online platforms have become an integral part of the movie ecosystem. Additionally, female movie viewership is on the rise, as noted by Gong.

Meanwhile, the recently launched AI in its search feature also applies to “Golden Rooster Awards”, allowing users to find a dedicated topic page with a single search. This feature aggregates relevant content from iQIYI’s film library, providing users with a convenient platform to access all the related content on the iQIYI app.

Embracing multi-line distribution 

At a forum held alongside the awards events, Gong joined other industry leaders and experts in expressing their positive reception towards the emerging of multi-line distribution of films. During the first National Film Trading Fair last month, 24 films signed contracts to implement multi-line distribution, marking a significant milestone in the exploration of this distribution model in the Chinese film industry.

Multi-line distribution allows film production companies and theaters to customize movie showings based on factors such as the film’s characteristics and the preferences of specific target audiences. This shift from unified distribution and screening to a market-driven and flexible approach aims to offer a wider variety of ways for Chinese audiences to enjoy films.

Gong highlighted the benefits of multi-line distribution from an internet platform perspective. “The winner-takes-all effect in the cinemas isn’t helpful in fostering diverse creators and catering to various audience demands. Multi-line distribution allows for a greater supply of content, supporting long-term development. It facilitates the production of more films that cater to internet demand,” said Gong, adding that the Chinese audience increasingly exhibits diverse preferences for movies.

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