LEVELUP Climate Tech Partners with Professor Sumit Agarwal of the National University of Singapore for the Development of SaaS to Visualise and Reduce Environmental Impacts in Food and Agriculture

SINGAPORE, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — LEVELUP Climate Tech Pte. Ltd. (“LEVELUP”) is thrilled to announce a partnership with Professor Sumit Agarwal of National University of Singapore (“NUS”). This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the advancement of LEVELUP Impact; SaaS platform which visualises the environmental impacts, including calculation on greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions in the food sectors.

Professor Agarwal, the Low Tuck Kwong Distinguished Professor of Finance, Economics, and Real Estate, and managing director of the Sustainable and Green Finance Institute at NUS, brings a wealth of expertise to this partnership. His research spans diverse areas, including household sustainability, financial institutions, household finance, behavioural finance, and real estate markets. Notably, he champions the concept of a carbon score in Singapore, akin to credit or health scores, aimed at empowering individuals to make environmentally conscious daily choices.

“We are deeply honoured to join forces with Professor Sumit Agarwal, whose profound insights are invaluable to us.” Shigeo Taniuchi said. “This partnership underscores our unwavering commitment to advancing the capabilities of LEVELUP Impact, providing more robust and comprehensive solutions.”

“Sustainability is a broad idea that requires a clear understanding of our environmental impacts, especially in the food supply chain. Teaming up with LEVELUP will help us tackle these challenges directly. “Prof. Agarwal added. “I’m excited to work with LEVELUP to guide the creation of the tools needed. I’m confident these tools will make it easy for companies to incorporate sustainability into their decision-making, allowing them to take environmentally responsible actions.”

The partnership between LEVELUP and Professor Sumit Agarwal is driven by a shared commitment to addressing the pressing environmental challenges of our time. By combining their collective expertise and resources, they aim to accelerate progress towards the mission of “SUSTAINABLE FOODS FOR NEXT GENERATIONS”.

About LEVELUP Climate Tech Pte. Ltd. 

LEVELUP is a start-up headquartered in Singapore, with a mission of “SUSTAINABLE FOODS FOR NEXT GENERATIONS”, aiming to provide solutions that address environmental and climate change issues. LEVELUP has been developing the LEVELUP Impact; SaaS platform which visualises the environmental impacts, including calculation on GHG emissions in the food sectors. Collaborating with professors and universities, LEVELUP has been preparing for its business launch and venturing into global markets.

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