TraceLink Adds Multienterprise Task Management to Healthcare and Life Sciences Industries’ First Supply Chain Work Management Solution

Built on Opus™, the Platform for the Internet of Supply Chains™

BOSTON, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TraceLink Inc., the leading digital network platform company, today announced the addition of powerful multienterprise task management capabilities in Supply Chain Work Management—the first solution to digitalize multi-company supply chain business processes for the healthcare and life sciences industries.

Built on Opus, the Platform for the Internet of Supply Chains, TraceLink Supply Chain Work Management digitalizes manual work between supply chain partners—from purchase order collaboration, alternate supplier selection, and forecast collaboration, to tech transfers, new product launches, phase 3 commercialization, and beyond. The unique multienterprise task management workflows enable visibility and collaboration across multiple tiers of supply chain partners to execute cross-company processes faster and more effectively than ever before. All partners use the same data without having to worry about costly integrations and executives at all partner organizations can monitor the status of processes and key performance indicators.

“Combining work management tools with the digital network-building capabilities of the Opus platform transforms work between supply chain partners,” said Shabbir Dahod, President and CEO of TraceLink. “The introduction of task management capabilities takes this to the next level by simplifying complex supply chain projects, improving partner communication, and updating stakeholders automatically. That means teams spend less time in meetings, leaders have greater visibility and control, and projects get completed faster.”

High-performance supply chains require cross-functional teams from different companies to work together as if they were physically sitting in the same office. Sourcing, planning, manufacturing, and delivery operations all require processes to be synchronized with suppliers, contract manufacturers, carriers, service providers, and customers. These complex multienterprise processes have relied on emails and phone calls—until now!

The TraceLink Supply Chain Work Management solution is a revolutionary new way to execute supply chain business processes by synchronizing work across multiple supply chain partners. The addition of task management to Supply Chain Work Management enables the creation of multienterprise workflows to precisely define the cross-company work processes required to complete a task. Managers can track tasks from beginning to end, assign unique subtasks to different supply chain partners, and set deadlines to ensure projects get done on time. Dashboards enable executives at each company to monitor processes by due date, priority, and workflow status at each company. Frequently used cross-company processes can be quickly digitalized using predefined task templates that are easily customized to meet different partner ecosystem needs.

Task management is designed to power digital transformation by closing gaps between enterprise systems. For example, the purchase order collaboration process for resolving a material shortage can be digitalized with task management to replace ad hoc phone calls and emails with a collaborative process that engages internal teams and suppliers online to determine the best workaround. As material shortages frequently result from upstream supply chain disruptions, subtasks can be assigned to include multiple tiers of suppliers in the collaborative process to ensure that the workaround is executable and reduces resolution time from days or weeks to hours. And, with the capability to include all upstream suppliers, Supply Chain Work Management is a great first step to real end-to-end supply chain digitalization.

About TraceLink

TraceLink is the only business network creation platform for the Internet of Supply Chains™—integrated business ecosystems built with multienterprise applications on the TraceLink Opus platform. Business networks are the foundation of an end-to-end supply chain digitalization strategy that delivers customer-centric agility and resiliency leveraging the collective intelligence of an industry. The TraceLink Opus Digital Network Platform enables speed of open innovation and implementation with a partner ecosystem for no-code and low-code development of solutions and applications.