Dare to be YOU — XPPen Celebrates its 17th Anniversary with Introduction of An Elevated Mascot Image and A New Series

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today marks the 17th anniversary of the world-renowned digital art brand XPPen, which is celebrating the event with the debut of its elevated mascot image, Fenix, and the bold theme of “Dare to be YOU”.

Staying true to XPPen’s brand mantra “Dream, Brave, True” and vision, the new Fenix keeps an overall fennec fox image but evolves to be more chic, clean-cut and three-dimensional. To up the game, a series of appealing Fenix memes, as well as some customized peripherals, are going to be released in the hope that it can generate more engaging interactions with Generation Z and establish a deeper connection with them.

Besides, XPPen rolls out a new product series — Artist Series Drawing Display (2nd Gen) for this special occasion. The new series comes with a novel X3 smart chip stylus whose IAF sensitivity is ten times higher than the previous generations. In other words, only 3 grams of pressure is all you need to kick off an epic piece of work. The new stylus offers a more natural and delicate line presentation, and above all else, perfect tactile simulations of pens and pencils.

What is more, XPPen Drawing Contest themed by “Fenix & the Anywhere Door” is in full swing with huge prizes. The winners will be rewarded with a brand-new Artist Series Drawing Display (2nd Gen). For more details and special offers, please visit XPPen official website.