In collaboration with Donner, Jack White of Third Man Hardware, developed the three sounds of The Triple Threat.

ANAHEIM, Calif., Jan. 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Third Man Hardware has partnered with Donner to create the Triple Threat, a 3-in-1 analog multi-effects pedal.


The Triple Threat is an analog multi-effects pedal designed by Third Man Hardware and manufactured by Donner. White Stripes lead man and the founder of Third Man Hardware Jack White took interest in Donner’s Alpha series pedals released in 2017. Jack felt that the quality, versatility, price point and value was perfect for any of Third Man Hardware’s beginner guitar players, so the two brands collaborated, and the Triple Threat was born.

“It has been my hope for a while to make an affordable pedal for beginning musicians.” White tells Donner why he would want to make a pedal like Triple Threat. “When I approached Donner they knew what I was aiming for and we were able to make something very cool that was also not going to break the bank for a beginning musician.”

Triple Threat starts with a wide-range high gain distortion, with volume, gain, and tone controls to create a threatening rock sound. A classic phaser upgraded from the Pearl Tremor pedal by Donner is next with extended mod controls. Third in line is an analog voiced echo, originated from Donner’s first ever pedal, the Yellow Fall Delay released in 2013, with warm analog tone and rich feedback.

“All three effects: the distortion, phaser and echo are all heavy duty. I was very impressed with them the first time I plugged into the prototype version that Donner had sent. ” White talks about the three effects. “This set of effects is for all kinds of music, all genres. Maybe not opera though.” He adds, “The Triple Threat will fit very comfortably on my pedal board.”

Third Man Hardware designed the external appearance of The Triple Threat, adding its signature patterns such as lightning bolts from the Tesla tower on the panel, three sharp stripes in front and  the signature diagrams from Third Man Hardware’s logo on both sides of the pedal. With upgraded circuit design and tuning the tone to Jack’s specifications, Donner combined three analog circuits into one metal enclosure, delivering simplicity, unique analog sounds and versatile utility for all beginner musicians on the go.

The yellow limited edition will be exclusively available on Third Man’s Reverb store.

Price and Availability:

The Triple Threat will be launched in two versions: one of which will be a limited edition variant in yellow, exclusively available at Third Man’s Reverb store. The second variation will be the standard black.

$99 Standard Edition

$129 Limited Edition

Main Features

3-in-1 analog effect pedal
FOOTSWITCHES toggle effects on (yellow LED indicates on)
Bypass: Buffered bypass
Power Supply: 9 volts DC (Adapter included)

About Third Man Records

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Since 2012, Donner has been committed to creating innovative, enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing musical instruments to both entry-level and advanced musicians. This is what drove Donner to pioneer its mini pedals, which have brought the joy of musical performance to people across the world. Relying on its strong R&D team, Donner has become well-known for its high-quality and innovative musical instruments and accessories. Donner’s musical instruments deliver the reflections, ideas and values of the player.

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